SolaX’s Technical Meet in Kerala: Pioneering Solar Excellence


In a striking display of innovation and collaboration, SolaX Power, a globally leading supplier of solar solutions, joined forces with its local partner, POWER PLUS, to host a highly successful Technical Meet in Kerala, India. This event not only showcased SolaX’s latest breakthroughs but also served as an opportunity for networking within the dynamic solar energy player from Kerela Market.


SolaX’s commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation was evident as attendees engaged in lively discussions and shared insights on the latest industry trends and technological advancements. SolaX’s star products, such as X1-BOOST G4, X3-MEGA G2 and X3-FORTH are set to steal the spotlight at the event.

For residential solar projects, X1-BOOST G4 has emerged as the top choice among homeowners, thanks to its sleek design and hassle-free installation. It supports up to 16 A DC input current and a startup voltage as low as 50 V. What also sets it apart is its wide power range, advanced intelligence, and compatibility with home EV chargers, heat pump solutions, and microgrids, promising a comprehensive and sustainable energy solution. Its real-time monitoring and effortless configuration options elevate energy management, while the in-built Global MPP scan and I-V curve diagnosis ensure precise component detection.

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For commercial and industrial scenarios, SolaX offers grid-tied inverters, including X3-MEGA G2 and X3-FORTH, which are known for their efficiency and reliability. These two products introduce intelligent features like smart solar panel I-V Curve Diagnosis and night-time reactive power compensation, optimizing energy production. With built-in export power control, remote maintenance, and 24-hour operation monitoring, they provide unparalleled convenience.

Mr. Vipin Bhardwaj, the Country Manager of SolaX Power India, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “This event was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with our partners and the solar community at large. It reaffirmed our commitment to driving innovation in the renewable energy sector and furthering our mission of creating a sustainable future.”

Overall, SolaX’s Technical Meet in Kerala shows SolaX’s cutting-edge technology and its dedication to excellence, what’s more, it demonstrates a shared vision of all participants for a more sustainable future.

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