Teralight Unveils Israel’s Largest Floating PV Field at Inaugural Ceremony


Teralight (TASE: TRLT), in collaboration with Synergy and the Hof HaCarmel Water Association, celebrated the inauguration of Israel’s largest floating photovoltaic (PV) solar energy field, boasting a capacity of 31 megawatts. This innovative PV field floats above the reservoirs of Kibbutz Maayan Zvi, which serve agricultural purposes in the coastal region south of Haifa. Notably, the project introduces pioneering solar tracking systems (trackers) from Israeli firm Xfloat, with an estimated project cost of approximately NIS 130 million.


This groundbreaking initiative aligns with the Carmel Coast Regional Council’s policy to utilize waterways and reservoirs for solar panel installations. The collaborative effort involved various stakeholders, including local landowners, the Carmel Coast Water Association, government ministries, environmental organizations, ornithology and nature experts, the Haifa District Planning Bureau, and developers. Additionally, this policy led to the creation of water reservoirs in Moshav Bonim, fish ponds in Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael, and several public institutions across the council.

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Teralight CEO, Rani Lifshitz: “We are happy to continue to establish Teralight as a leading company in Israel in the field of solar energy, also in a dual-use format, and to launch the largest floating project in the country. There is no doubt that this is the greenest way to generate electricity – making the best use of the sun and an existing resource. We thank Synergy, the Carmel Coast Regional Council, and Bank Leumi for their partnership along the way”.


Yoed Ludar, CEO of Hof Carmel Energies: “Today, we inaugurated Israel’s largest and most unique floating solar project. The previous large project in HaBonim Reservoir was joined by two large solar rafts, one of which is based on groundbreaking Israeli technology by Xfloat company that also incorporates tracking of the movement of the sun in the water reservoir, using water to tilt the panels. This is another step in covering all the water reservoirs for agriculture on the Carmel Coast and producing green electricity on a large scale for the consumption of all the households in the Carmel Coast settlements. The project was made possible by cooperation with the planning authorities, the Ministry of Health and the other licensing authorities. The project will allow water to be reduced for agriculture and help preserve green space along the entire stretch of the coastal plain between Hadera and Haifa.”

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Asif Isaac, head of the Coastal Coast Regional Council, added: “The project for the photovoltaic roofing of Ma’ayan Zvi reservoirs puts Coastal Carmel at the forefront of the transition to renewable energies, and the fight against the climate crisis and its consequences. In fact, I am proud to say that today all the electricity consumption of the residents of Coastal Carmel is produced from green energy. Thanks to all the partners, I have no doubt that together we will continue to work in order to promote Carmel Beach and the entire region”. 

The Ma’ayan Zvi project, spanning an expansive area of around 587 dunams, represents the flagship endeavor among a series of solar projects undertaken by Teralight through its subsidiary, Menorah Synergy. Collectively, these initiatives contribute to a substantial total capacity of 124 megawatts (DC), strategically positioned on rooftops and water reservoirs across the nation.

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