GoodWe Participated ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023 with Innovative Solar Solutions


GoodWe, a global leader in solar inverter and energy storage solutions, participated the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023 exhibition with its latest storage products, technologies, and solutions. Held from August 30th to September 1st at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Thailand, the event served as a dynamic platform to explore the latest advancements in renewable energy.


At the time of this exhibition, the Southeast Asian solar energy market shows a continuously growing demand for electricity, coupled with declining technology costs and policy adjustments. According to the Asia Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA), the region is predicted for a 13% growth in new solar capacity from 2022, reaching 3.8 GW in 2023.

With the remarkable resurgence of Asia’s solar energy sector, the show this year has received breaking number of exhibitors. Visitors to the booth, including industry professionals and installers, were captivated by GoodWe’s comprehensive products and solutions ranging from 0.7 kW to 250 kW in residential and commercial rooftops, industrial and utility scale systems.

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The highlight of GoodWe’s booth was its solar energy storage solutions, featuring the ES G2 series (3-6 kW) inverter paired with the low voltage & high-performance Lynx U lithium battery (5.4-32.4 kWh), as well as the ET series (5-30 kW) inverter coupled with the versatile high voltage Lynx F lithium battery (6.6-16.4 kWh). These solutions provide efficient energy storage, allowing users to maximize solar power consumption, ensure backup power during grid outages, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

In addition to the energy storage solutions, GoodWe also showcased its on-grid inverters, including the HT series (225-250 kW) for utility-scale applications, the GT series (100-125 kW) for C&I applications and the DNS G3 series (3-6 kW) for residential applications.

Additionally, GoodWe presented a micro inverter (1.6-2 kW) ahead of its forthcoming market release. This innovative micro inverter, designed for pairing with four panels, facilitates individual tracking. It can help optimize energy production, reduce losses, and enhance safety, and thus ideal for residential and small commercial use.

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Another standout at GoodWe’s booth was GoodWe’s new-generation Rapid Shutdown Device (RSD), also set to hit the market soon. Developed in strict compliance with Thai Electrical Code (Solar Rooftop Power Supply Installations 2022), as well as meeting National Electrical Code (NEC) 2017/2020, UL1741, and SunSpec RSD requirements, the GoodWe RSD system adheres to fire safety standards and offers industry-leading rapid shutdown functionality. It can reduce the electrical voltage of solar panel systems to safe levels in less than 30 seconds after initiation, providing comprehensive safety guarantees for first responders and customers in emergencies.

This comprehensive product display highlighted GoodWe’s commitment to be the main driving force for the development of smart energy in the world and the growth of sustainable energy sources for a greener future.

“We are delighted by the overwhelming response from industry professionals and visitors at the ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2023,” said James Hou, GoodWe’s APAC Sales Head. “The enthusiasm for GoodWe’s solar products and solutions shows the region’s growing interest in advanced solar technologies. GoodWe remains steadfast in our journey to advancing the renewable energy transition across Southeast Asia.”

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