AmpIn’s 33.1 MW Solar Project to Energize Varroc in Maharastra


AmpIn Energy Transition, India’s pioneering Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (IPP) and a prominent player in the energy transition landscape, has embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with Varroc, a global automotive component powerhouse. This strategic partnership is set to deliver a substantial 33.1 MWp of solar power to Varroc’s manufacturing facilities located in Maharashtra, representing a significant leap toward a more eco-friendly and sustainable future.


Positioned as the undisputed leader in Maharashtra’s renewable energy sector, AmpIn boasts an impressive 112 MWp solar portfolio, achieved through the successful commissioning of multiple consecutive solar open-access projects in the state. Leveraging its state-of-the-art Solar Park in Parbhani, Maharashtra, boasting a capacity of 105 MWp, AmpIn has designated Varroc as its anchor client. This designation underscores their shared vision and unwavering commitment to environmental preservation.


This transformative partnership marks a watershed moment in Varroc’s journey toward renewable energy with AmpIn. It is poised to cater to an impressive 65%-75% of Varroc’s total power requirements across seven of its manufacturing facilities in Maharashtra, primarily through solar power sources. This substantial transition is expected to significantly reduce Varroc’s carbon footprint, promising to cut down CO2 emissions by an impressive 43,296 tonnes annually. It represents a monumental stride in the global fight against climate change and the pursuit of a healthier planet for generations to come.

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The collaboration between AmpIn Energy Transition and Varroc underscores the growing importance of sustainable industrial practices and the pivotal role that the corporate sector can play in mitigating climate change. This initiative exemplifies a commitment to a greener and more sustainable future, aligning with India’s broader renewable energy goals and global environmental preservation efforts.

Both AmpIn and Varroc are optimistic about the positive impact of this partnership, not only in driving business sustainability but also in contributing to the global environmental agenda.

“AmpIn’s commitmentto fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental responsibility aligns perfectly with our vision& together we are shifting gears towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.,” Mr Tarang Jain, MD, Varroc. “Through this alliance, we envisage a significant reduction in our carbon footprint, affirming our role as an auto industry leader invested in sustainable and progressive business practices.”

Mr. Pinaki Bhattacharyya, CEO and MD of AmpIn Energy Transition, stated, “The transition to renewable energy is not just a business imperative but a commitment to our planet, and through our partnership with Varroc, we are not only forging ahead in the renewable energy landscape but also fostering a culture of responsibility and sustainability. We are happy to collaborate with Varroc on their energy transition journey,”.

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AmpInEnergy Transition is the only renewable energy developer in Maharashtra operating multiple solar open access projects and is actively involved to invest new capital to develop more renewable projects and provide RE transition options to C&I consumers in the state.

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