Saudi Fund For Development Inaugurates 33 KV Transmission Network Project In Seychelles

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In a momentous ceremony graced by the presence of the President of the Republic of Seychelles, H.E. Wavel Ramkalayan, and attended by esteemed dignitaries, the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) achieved a significant milestone. The official inauguration of the 33 KV Transmission Network of the South Mahe Island Project in Seychelles marked a pivotal moment in the nation’s development.


H.E. Sultan Al-Marshad, Chief Executive Officer of the Saudi Fund for Development, alongside the Minister of Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment of Seychelles, Hon. Flavien P Joubert, led the inauguration ceremony. The event witnessed the participation of the Vice President of the Republic of Seychelles, Mr. Ahmed Afif, along with other key Ministers, a designated representative of BADEA, and government officials from both sides.


The SFD had previously allocated a substantial contribution of $20 million USD to support this crucial project. Its primary objective was to enhance the electricity distribution network in the southern region of South Mahe Island, ensuring a reliable supply of electric power for the local population. Moreover, this initiative aimed to bolster various economic sectors vital to the nation’s growth and prosperity.

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This project’s significance lies in its potential to transform the lives of the people of South Mahe. By providing affordable electricity to thousands of households and businesses, it is expected to stimulate economic activity and create numerous job opportunities. Additionally, the project will contribute to the improvement of public health and education sectors, charting a more sustainable and promising future for the island.

The endeavor exemplifies the Saudi Fund for Development’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development in developing countries and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) worldwide. Furthermore, it aligns seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly SDG 7, which advocates for universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy.

Hon. Flavien P Joubert, the Minister of Agriculture, Climate Change, and Environment of Seychelles, expressed gratitude for the generous support provided by the SFD in funding the 33kV Transmission Network South Mahe Project. He highlighted the instrumental role played by the SFD’s contribution in modernizing Seychelles’ electricity infrastructure, enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the electricity transmission and distribution network. He also affirmed the nation’s commitment to continued collaboration with international development funds to achieve Seychelles’ vision of a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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H.E. Sultan Al-Marshad, CEO of the Saudi Fund for Development, underscored the project’s alignment with SFD’s dedication to supporting sustainable development in developing countries worldwide. Recognizing electricity as an essential utility for a nation’s development, he expressed pride in the SFD’s contribution to improving the lives of South Mahe’s residents, businesses, and individuals. With access to reliable and affordable electricity, the people of South Mahe are poised for a brighter future.

The Saudi Fund for Development’s commitment to supporting sustainable development extends to developing countries and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) globally. With decades of expertise since its establishment in 1974, SFD has successfully implemented more than 700 development projects worth $18.7 billion USD across over 90 countries. In Africa alone, SFD has been instrumental in funding more than 400 development projects and programs across various sectors, amounting to $10.7 billion USD, spanning 46 countries. This substantial contribution accounts for over 57% of SFD’s total funding in developing countries worldwide, highlighting its pivotal role in advancing sustainable development goals.

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