Innovative Solar Mounting Solutions: A Closer Look at Aerocompact India’s Product Lineup – Mandar Mainde Managing Director Aerocompact India Pvt. Ltd.

Mandar Mainde Managing Director Aerocompact India

Can you provide an overview of Aerocompact India’s product offerings and the unique features that set them apart from other solar mounting suppliers in the region?


Aerocompact India’s pioneering product line-up, represented by the COMPACTFLAT and COMPACTMETAL series, is reshaping the landscape of solar mounting solutions through innovative design and unparalleled benefits. Seamlessly integrated into our proprietary AEROTOOL design software, these systems epitomise reliability and user-friendliness, underpinned by a 25-year product warranty, CE certification, and UL 2703 certification. Streamlining the design process, the AEROTOOL software simplifies planning while generating comprehensive project reports featuring structural insights and a precise bill of material.


The COMPACTFLAT assortment caters to flat roofs, offering a diverse array of tilt angles and row spacing options to suit every project’s needs. Especially noteworthy, the COMPACTFLAT S system has redefined norms by replacing traditional rail substructures with innovative aluminium brackets, receiving worldwide recognition including installations at Changi Airport, IKEA stores in Europe etc


For metal sheet roofs, the COMPACTMETAL collection is a game-changer, covering trapezoidal as well as standing seam sheet variants. The TS and TL range of products available in India provides flexibility for Aerocompact customers to place panels in portrait or landscape orientation with multiple options of clearance as well as tilting towards south.

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How has Aerocompact India adapted its product lineup to cater to the specific needs and challenges of the Indian and South Asian markets?

Aerocompact India has adeptly tailored its product range to address the unique requisites and challenges presented by the Indian and South Asian markets. The incorporation of grounding pins directly into module clamps showcases their innovative approach, ensuring a steadfast electrical connection by penetrating the anodized aluminium coating. This not only enhances stability but also bolsters reliability between the module frame, clamp, and roof fixation elements.

Further underscoring their adaptability, the utilisation of protection pads crafted from absorbent felt material, along with an adhesive strip, signifies a proactive solution for water absorption on Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) roofs. In addition, the introduction of the ballast tray designed to support concrete weight blocks offers a practical answer for installation on diverse roofing structures and custom load distribution across the roof.

Can you share any recent product innovations or updates that have been introduced by Aerocompact India to enhance the performance and efficiency of solar mountings?

Our latest breakthrough, the TSE15 product in COMPACTMETAL TS series stands out for its innovation. With a height of 80 mm, these rails ensure adequate roof clearances, facilitating rear ventilation while accommodating optimizer installation. The beauty of the raised short rail lies in its seamless integration – installation requires minimal additional assembly effort, merely a slight extension. To streamline the process, project planning in the Aerotool includes a recommendation for the appropriate bit extension, ensuring its availability on-site. This marks a significant stride towards bolstering solar mounting performance, efficiency, and compatibility with diverse roofing structures.

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In terms of product quality and reliability, how does Aerocompact India ensure that its solar mounting solutions meet the highest industry standards?

At Aerocompact India, ensuring top-tier product quality and reliability in our solar mounting solutions is a multi-faceted commitment. Our foundation lies in sourcing raw materials, only homogenised aluminium billets devoid of any scrap are used for extrusion, guaranteeing a premium end-product. Our meticulous vendor selection results in adherence to Aerocompact’s global quality standards through dedicated processes and quality control measures.

Prior to market introduction, all products undergo rigorous simulations adhering to TUV standards, further fortified by UL2703 certification.

We prioritize excellence down to the smallest details, employing FM Global-certified EJOT screws.

Our packaging strategy is equally rigorous, owing to component lightness and compactness, ensuring convenient storage and transit. The product’s minimal components not only expedite installation but also alleviate roof load and transportation expenses.

Through these concerted efforts, Aerocompact India stands unwaveringly committed to delivering solar mounting solutions that consistently surpass industry benchmarks for quality and reliability.

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How do you envision the company’s future growth and expansion plans in the Indian and South Asian markets? Are there any upcoming developments or initiatives you can share with us?

Aerocompact has increased revenue this year by 30% and foresee more customers willing to install quality and safety standards structures over their roof. We are committed to add more products to our portfolio suitable for Indian and Asian markets.

We shall soon launch a Certified Installer Program in India for installers empowering them with training and awareness of mounting structure installation guidelines. We are expanding in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and neighboring countries.

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