Western Cape Reveals Solar Upgrade At Langebaan Clinic

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In a significant development for the Langebaan community, the Provincial Minister of Infrastructure, Tertuis Simmers, recently marked the installation of an inverter and solar PV system at the Langebaan Municipal Clinic. The inverter and PV solar panels were generously donated by Langebaan’s Civil Society Organisation (CSO) and local businesses, aiming to ensure uninterrupted essential services at the clinic, even during load shedding events.


Previously, load shedding would disrupt the daily operations of the clinic, affecting its ability to provide crucial healthcare services to the public. The Langebaan Municipality, with support from the Department of Infrastructure, Health, and Wellness, facilitated the necessary approvals for the solar system’s installation.


Deputy Mayor Charmaine Laubscher expressed her gratitude to the Western Cape Government (WCG) and the local community for their support in making this project a reality. She commended the WCG departments for their swift assistance in ensuring the installation complied with the required standards.


Minister Simmers then proceeded to Cape Agulhas, where he unveiled the new Waste Water Treatment Plant in Napier. This R37 million investment is one of three Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) facilities in the province. The new facility replaces the outdated Napier Waste Water Treatment Plant, which had reached its hydraulic design limit and was unable to produce the necessary quality effluent.

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Executive Mayor Paul Swart joined Minister Simmers at the plant’s ceremonial opening, emphasizing its importance in the broader development plan for Napier. The new facility not only enhances wastewater treatment but also paves the way for future population growth and marquee housing developments in Napier.

Minister Simmers underscored the significance of a collaborative approach, stating, “The launch of the inverters and solar PV system in Langebaan signifies the endless possibilities that can be achieved when we all work together as a society to find innovative solutions that can improve the lives of many citizens. The clinic will now be able to provide the necessary services for the health and wellbeing of the town’s residents undisturbed.”

He further added, “The opening of this new wastewater facility highlights the Western Cape Government’s future-thinking approach in the development of our province. The investment of R37 million means that we are investing in infrastructure of the highest quality and looking after the wellbeing of our citizens.” These developments represent a significant step toward a sustainable and resilient future for these communities.

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