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Krannich Solar and Fimer Enter Into Strategic Partnership – Live Discussion, Join Now!


Krannich Solar, one of the leading distributors for photovoltaics worldwide has signed a collaboration agreement with FIMER, the fourth largest solar inverter supplier in the world for the distribution of their inverters in Indian market. The alliance will strengthen the competitiveness through leveraging each other’s competencies and experience and ensure the most efficient and reliable deliveries to the customers.

As one of the top solar inverter suppliers in the world, FIMER has an extensive portfolio of string, central and legacy inverters. FIMER offers a wide range of single and three phase PV inverters ranging from 1.2 kW to 5 MW. FIMER is enriching the Krannich product range with high end energy solutions suitable for residential and commercial projects.

We are very pleased to start working together with FIMER” says Sandeep Banodiya, Sales Director of Krannich Solar India. “The inverters compliment our product range very well as they will offer our customers excellent quality and significant added value. With FIMER we will create a winning partnership in the India like other countries. With FIMER we have a partner that has built up an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.”

“We have a global partnership with Krannich and we would like to strengthen this further with our relationship in India”, says KN Sreevatsa, Country Head of FIMER in India. “Krannich has an excellent team and will be our national partner to enhance our presence in India. We shall offer our entire range of string inverters with our partnership which will help our customers with ease of doing business. We are excited to partner with Krannich in this new era of FIMER”.

Fimer is going to showcase its wide array of string inverters at 3pm on 3rd July, in the webinar. The company will also be discussing about the Fimer – Krannich partnership, join now:

RE Assets 2021 Awards


The RE Assets 2021 Awards is one of its kind industry’s premier awards ceremony, recognising the outstanding achievers in Technology, Services, Team, Projects & Leaders. RE Assets, is the largest and only event focused on detailed technical and business aspects of solar and wind energy Operations and Maintenance and Asset Management. These most prestigious, one of its kind industry awards are powered by detailed study by the SolarQuarter & WindInsider Research team. We at intend to recognize and celebrate companies and individuals that have contributed outstandingly to promoting and advancing the use of renewable energy across India in its full diversity.

The 11th edition of RE Assets 2021 Awards is an event that celebrates the best deals, projects and innovations in industry over the past year and recognizes the players involved. Nominations come from all over the Renewable industry and compete to win these highly coveted awards. The Awards will focus on personalities, projects, innovations & products from companies that have shook the renewable industry and have created an urge to use renewable energy locally and globally.

Solar Project Engineering Week ASEAN 2021 Awards


The Solar Project Engineering Week ASEAN 2021 Awards is the industry’s premier awards ceremony. As we know that project engineering is the most crucial phase in the development of any Solar Project, hence recognizing and celebrating the achievements of these exceptional individuals, projects, technologies, innovations and services which have made their mark in the ASEAN Solar Industry are even more important.

The Solar Project Engineering Week ASEAN 2021 Awards is a platform that celebrates the best engineering, projects,technologies and innovations in the ASEAN Solar Industry over the past year and recognises the players involved. Entries come from all over the world and compete to win these highly coveted awards.These most prestigious industry awards are powered by detailed study by the SolarQuarter Research team.

Solar Project Engineering Week ASEAN 2021


Solar Project Engineering Week ASEAN 2021, is the largest solar energy technology focused event for ASEAN region with a gathering of 250+ top professionals from the solar utility and rooftop industry.

Solar Project Engineering Week 2021 will have an array of insightful discussions focusing on Engineering, Design & Construction of Solar Projects. It will discuss the current and evolving technology trends prevailing in the industry and how it impacts the procurement of equipment for the projects. This will have a substantial impact on increasing the life & durability of Solar PV projects. The event will also focus on Latest Hybridization technologies of Renewable Energy Projects and Engineering Challenges associated with them.

Some key highlights of this event are

  • Solar Project Engineering : Design & Construction Management
  • Project Procurement for Lower LCOE
  • Engineering Innovations : The Latest Technology Breakthroughs
  • Re Hybridization : Engineering Aspects of Solar + Storage
  • Procurement and Engineering Leaders Meet

The event draws an especially senior audience, comprising over 250 senior decision makers from project developers, solar EPC companies, equipment manufacturers, service/technology providers & consulting firms, in the utility and rooftop solar segment.

Middle East Rooftop Solar Congress 2021


Middle East Rooftop Solar Congress 2021, is the biggest Rooftop solar conference focusing in Middle East region with a gathering of 150+ top professionals from the solar rooftop industry defining the latest industry needs, thus making Rooftop Solar Congress not only long-running but also the biggest Rooftop solar conference out there .

It brings together leaders, key decision makers from all the stakeholders of the Rooftop solar industry including project developers, EPC Contractors, service providers, financial institutions, solar equipment, component manufacturers, consultants, advisers and brings an extensive alliance of Rooftop Solar energy leaders for Two days of networking, knowledge sharing and innovation for the industry.

Leading to the Ultra High Performance Era: 182mm latest Module Technology


With the arrival of the grid parity era, the industry has recognized the benefits of deploying high-power modules in large sizes for their ability to reduce the LCOE. The increase in module size requires consideration of a number of factors, ranging from module circuit design, component matching design, reliability to process capability, packaging and transport, system design, and post-operation and maintenance.

Great module reliability can effectively ensure long-term stable power generation performance and the excellent power warranty.182mm modules now are well known in the market as large-size high-power modules.182mm modules can significantly reduce the power generation loss which is also caused by factors like cable losses and operating temperatures. This technology has been proven to have great delivery reliability in terms of operating parameters, performance and adaptability during the installation as compared to other technologies, like the 210mm .

The exciting webinar is designed to provide the practical insights of the developments in the futuristic module technologies that will be coming to the market resulting in lower cost & higher reliability. This webinar is an exclusive platform for all Project Developers, EPCs, OEMs & Service Providers and many more to get insights, tips and tricks on how to get ahead in today’s growing industry. The event will enable the companies to be future ready and get more insightful information on the futuristic module technologies, how these technologies will support them financially, compatibility of existing BoS mechanism with modules and much more.

EV Manufacturing & Design Show 2021 Awards


The EV Manufacturing & Design Show 2021 Awards is one of its kind platform that honours and recognizes the drive and creativity of those technologies and innovations which have contributed outstandingly to promoting and advancing the use of Electric Vehicles across India in its full diversity. An event that celebrates the best achievements and best offereings from companies that have shook the Emobility industry and have created an urge to use EVs locally and globally. Nominations come from all over the world and compete to win these highly coveted awards.

EV Manufacturing & Design Show 2021


By 2040, 54% of new car sales and 33% of the global car fleet is predicted to be electric.1 More than six countries have announced a ban on internal-combustion engines. China is expected to be the largest market for electrical vehicles (EVs), which is pushing automakers to come up with aggressive rollout plans for EVs.

The electric vehicle market in India is getting ready for stronger growth. More than 200 existing and startup EV manufacturers have started production into the fast lane to keep up with the rapidly growing demand for electrified mobility. As demand increases, established and startup automotive manufacturers need to quickly ramp up EV production and reduce manufacturing costs to take advantage. EV manufacturing, however, presents unique challenges to automotive companies needing to survive the present and win in the future of mobility. Several challenges that need to be addressed are from a technology point of view. The range anxiety and charging time are still considered as a hurdle in adoption. Battery reliability and life are still the factors that worry the OEMs. By leveraging cutting edge manufacturing automation and design simulation of both product and production, manufacturers can take design and validate assembly processes and entire facilities to the next level, improving quality and accelerating the ramp-up to volume production. However, for India, the success of EVs will be largely determined by the ability to localize the design and production of EV powertrain, components, and setting up next-generation infrastructure facilities.

The prosperity in this segment is largely driven by the ability of manufacturers to come up with next-generation vehicles by ensuring the best in class performance and reliability over the others keeping them cost-competitive. To achieve the right balance of these attributes requires designing and manufacturing the electric drivetrain components that perfectly fit requirements and operational attributes corresponding to the Indian driving scenario.

Engineering simulation is one of the key factors in designing the next generation of vehicles. Multiple OEMs and startups are investing time and resources into mastering the shift from ICEs to EVs. Companies that can turn the combination of EV performance, range, and durability into commercial success will increasingly dominate the competition. This complexity would be impossible to master without advanced simulation processes in place to drive the sizing, shape, and performance tradeoffs that result in a successful EV product. While computer simulation has been used by conventional automakers for some time, the latest methodologies available now are a perfect match for EV design.

This virtual summit will try to uncover some of the advances in electric vehicle design and production using simulation solutions. Industry leaders and technology enablers will try to bring out various challenges in self-reliance for Indian electric vehicle development and how simulation-driven design and development help to counter them.

Key Discussion Points

  • A Deeper Look at Indian EV Manufacturing Sector
  • Identifying Step By Step Manufacturing & Supply Chain Capabilities in India
  • Understanding the Environment for EV Manufacturing Growth
  • Solving Electric Vehicle Production Challenges with Simulation Driven Designing
  • Identifying Key Partners for Collaboration
  • Figuring out Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative aim to open fresh opportunities in India’s EV industry
  • Digital twin approach in electric vehicle production.
  • Importance Of Lightweight Designs and Materials in EV Manufacturing
  • EV Platforms for Supply Chain Optimization

SolarRoofs India Series Western Region (Gujarat)


Solar Roofs Gujarat Is An Exclusive Event In India Series With A Gathering Of Top Professional’s From The Industry. Attendees Of This Event Include CEOs And Other Senior Company Officials Driving The Rapid Growth Of This Sector.

The Shift Towards Clean, Reliable, Affordable Electricity In The World Is Most Visible In The Rapid Proliferation Of Solar Panels Mounted On The Roofs Of Commercial & Industrial Premises. Individuals And Businesses Have Been Attracted Not Just To The Environmental Benefits Of Solar Power, But Also To The Ability To Generate Their Own Power And To The Fixed And Competitive Price Of Electricity That These Systems Provide. Rooftop Solar Is Increasingly Cost-Effective For Business Owners, And Their Communities. Reductions In Technology Prices, Innovative Financing, And Growing Networks Of Solar Installers And Financial Partners All Helped Drive Down The Prices For PV Rooftop Systems.

In This Event We Will Discuss Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2021, Key Challenges And Opportunities In PV Rooftop Segment, Technology Advancement And Investors Perspective In Commercial, Industrial And Residential Space.

The Event Is A Business Platform For Maharashtra’s Rooftop Scale Solar Sector. The Companies Which Will Be Participating This Year Include: Solar Rooftop Project Developers, Solar Rooftop EPC Companies, System Integrators, Solar OEMs, Storage, O&M & Asset Management Companies, Consulting & Advisory Firms, Financial Institutions.

India Rooftop Solar Congress 2021 Awards


The 8th Edition of ‘India Rooftop Solar Congress 2021 Awards‘ is the most prestigious recognition for the best performers and achievers in the Solar Industry.India Solar Rooftop Congress 2021 Awards will focus on personalities, projects & products from companies that have shook the solar rooftop industry and have created an urge to use solar energy locally and globally. These Awards intend to recognize and celebrate the sucess and achievements of the companies and their teams that have contributed outstandingly to promoting and advancing the use of Solar Energy across India in its full diversity.

Nominations come from all over the world and compete to win these highly coveted awards. So, get the recognition you deserve, either individually or as part of the team, for a job well done. But not just from within your own organisation, secure professional acknowledgement from right across your industry. Let your peers witness your success and the positive reaction you will undoubtedly enjoy from your customers.

Sungrow Supplies a 100 MW Energy Storage Project in Texas


Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, announced that it has forged a contract to supply its fully integrated Energy Storage System to the 100 MWac Chisholm Grid project in Fort Worth, Texas. Chisholm Grid has been under construction since August of 2020 and will be one of the largest battery energy storage facilities in Texas when work onsite is completed this June. The facility, utilizing industry leading NMC battery technology, will generate revenue from the sale of energy and grid stabilization services to the ERCOT wholesale electricity market.

The Chisholm Grid Battery Energy Storage Project is owned by Astral Electricity, LLC, a privately-held energy storage power producer, and was developed by Able Grid Infrastructure Holdings, LLC, a joint venture between Able Grid and MAP RE/ES. Able Grid will provide operational asset management services for the site following commercial operations in mid-2021.

Sungrow’s ESS solution deployed for this project is the latest product lineup. At the heart of the technology are lithium-ion batteries, combined with Sungrow’s advanced converters and controls. Sungrow Services will maintain the asset under a long-term services agreement, reducing operating costs and extending the life span of the assets.

As an industry leading company, Sungrow must do everything possible to maintain its safety edge. “The safe operation of the project is of vital concern to us,” said Neil Bradshaw, the Senior Technical Sales Manager. “Not only is every cell protected electrically in a three-tier BMS system and supervisory controls, but each small battery module has internal thermal barriers and suppression technology. Sungrow is eager to show the world that battery energy storage at this scale is a safe, reliable and sustainable solution to ensure grid reliability amidst demanding market operating conditions,” he added.

“Years of innovation by Sungrow as a global technology leader now allows companies like Astral Electricity to deploy market-driven solutions that will accelerate the decarbonization of electricity supplies while also improving grid performance. Sungrow’s highly-integrated offering, history of successful deployment and collaboration with technology providers were key factors in our supplier decision. We are looking forward Sungrow’s product providing reliable operations for many years to come,” commented Aaron Zubaty, CEO of MAP RE/ES.

“The landmark Chisholm Grid energy storage project is another exciting milestone in the US energy storage market which is strongly positioned for immense growth,” said Mizhi Zhang, Managing Director of Energy Storage, Sungrow Americas. “We’re poised to pioneer more energy storage innovations backed by the industry’s largest R&D team and 24-year proven track record. Our agile local team can offer responsive technical support, sales and industry-leading after-sales service,” he added.

As one of the key players in the energy storage market, Sungrow is an early entrant in the North American storage market with a deployment footprint spreading across multiple states including California, Massachusetts and Texas, achieving milestones both in the utility scale storage market as well as the C&I market where Sungrow currently maintains a strong position in North America. The Company acquired orders totaling 1.4 GWh in North America in 2020 including both standalone energy storage projects and storage in combination with power plants.

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