SOLARIG Obtains the AEMER Photovoltaic Quality Seal


The SOLARIG company has obtained the ISP-AEMER quality seal in the photovoltaic sector. This seal has been one of the cornerstones of the creation of AEMER and is aimed at promoting quality in the maintenance services of the renewable energy sector, a key element to guarantee both the availability of plants and the minimum useful life of 30 years.


This initiative of AEMER with the support of APPLUS for the development of the SPC (Particular Certification System) helps define complex tasks first, and sets the minimum criteria of quality with rigor and precision, while subsequently trying to reach a consensus within the sector. Till date, a total of 9 have the seal of quality, mostly wind energy companies. 

SOLARIG is therefore integrated among the companies that stand out for their professionalism and the quality of maintenance services and is part of AEMER’s strategy to promote the seal among its client companies, insurance and financial entities. 

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The photovoltaic sector is on a strong growth trajectory in the country. In November 2019 alone, 3,000MW has been added to the network and according to forecasts this amount will increase significantly in December to make 10,000 MW photovoltaic achievable towards the end of the year. Quality maintenance is important to maintain high availability of assets such that they last longer, at least 40 years in a scenario of downward trend in sales prices and demanding network codes.

The AEMER quality seal therefore guarantees that the O&M services provided by its certified companies are carried out by professionals in the sector that meet the standards defined by AEMER. Quality services, based on procedures and checklists that help companies offer competitive O&M services.


The current AEMER member companies are: Aplicaciones Tecnológicas SA, Altertec, AS SOLAR / AMARA, ATM Spain, Baywa, Bepte, Campos & Rial, CEOMS, Cobra Energía, Cover Verificados Eléctricas, FIBERVENT, COMSA / Generación de Energía Sostenible, SL, Services GES, GILDEMEISTER energy services Iberica SLU, Green Eagle Solutions SL, Grupo CV, Ingeteam Service, ITESTIT SL (Smartive), MAGMA, Integral Maintenance Management, METALÚRGICA BB, SL, MICROSEGUR, NEM Solutions – New Maintenance Strategies SL, Network Backup, (UPNET), NGI Mobile GMAO, OHL Industrial, OPDE O&M (OPDEnergy), Oremotor, PINE Installations and Assemblies, Revergy, Santos Electrical Machinery, Sungrow Iberian, Trainek, UL, WASH AUTO PANEL.

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