Suntech Supplies PV modules to Sudan, Reaching a Milestone of Global Shipments to 100 Countries


Sudan is close to the equator with geographical location advantage. The area receives the long-term solar radiation, due to its direct exposure to the sun, is conducive to the development of photovoltaic. Suntech enters Sudan market via a global distribution mechanism, accessing opportunities for developing surrounding markets as well. Suntech sees “Global & Local” as key strategy of overseas development plan, achieving remarkable results in recent years.


20 Years, 100 Countries


Suntech sees steady growth in the past several years. Since 2014, Suntech global average annual shipment growth remains stable at around 30%. Suntech has been ranked seventh in the world in “2019 PV Module Bankability Report”, published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), as one of the world’s most bankable PV module brand, In the BloombergNEF history of cumulative financing projects database, Suntech ranks sixth in the world. By the end of March 2020, Suntech global cumulative shipments have exceeded 22GW.

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In 2002, Suntech shipped its first product to Europe. At present, Suntech has been providing modules to 100 countries and regions around the world. Suntech has been improving supply system and after-sales service, and establishing a complete global sales and service network.

Suntech Quality, Stand the Test of Time

Since its foundation, Suntech has always attached importance to product quality. Reliable materials and mature manufacturing processes are adopted to produce high-quality solar modules, with stringent controls on the incoming materials, production process, inspections and third-party testing. Suntech is ranked as a Top Performer for a third year in the 2019 PV Module Reliability Scorecard, published by PVEL in partnership with DNV-GL. Since 2016, Suntech has been awarded the certificate of “Top Brand PV” seal for five consecutive years by EuPD Research–an authoritative research institute recognized worldwide. Keeping the commitment to quality, Suntech follows uniform and rigorous product quality standards worldwide.

Suntech product quality is reflected in some long-term projects. In 2003, German GBC Factory PV rooftop project was completed. After 18 years, Suntech PV modules are still generating power efficiently. In Japan, Kanazawa bus station’s rooftop project shows excellent reliability even after 15 years of outdoor operation. Masdar solar power project in the Middle East was completed 10 years ago. According to the on-the-spot survey, Suntech PV modules are performing better than others installed at the same period. Lots of cases like these provide valuable references for us to deploy in the global emerging markets.

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