Phono Solar Completes Intelligent Upgrading of Manufacturing Base


Start from the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has given rise to big impact for solar industry from home and abroad and it may even last for a longer time frame. How to tackle the crisis and facilitate development is a big issue for every enterprise concerned. Tapping into the time frame, optimizing production and workmanship to meet upcoming market needs has proved by Phono Solar to be a satisfactory option.


By introducing automatic laser cutting and welding machine, automatic confluence welding system and double cavity double layer laminator, Phono Solar managed to accomplish the intelligent automation upgrading covering the whole manufacturing process, ranging from material sorting to solar module packaging. It helps to reduce manufacturing and labor costs and increase production efficiency on a large scale, which will supply competitive solar products. -With nearly 20% increase on production capacity, Phono Solar has remained its constant focus on product quality and technics, to ensure product performance at an industry leading position.

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As one of the Best Seller of Phono Solar, 166mm TwinPlus solar module produced by upgraded assembling line has maintained higher cost efficiency, which can reach up to 450W power output on basis of 72 solar cell. Combined with MBB and Half-cut technique, it significantly increases the power generation. By utilizing 9 busbars, 166mm Twinplus module lowers possibility of micro-crack and enhance mechanical performance, which provides guarantee for the long time and stable operation of projects.


“The environment of market has changed rapidly, but Phono Solar always remained focused on present and aimed for future.” Mr. Zhao Xingguo, President of Phono Solar commented, “Through manufacture base upgrading, we not only achieved products quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency augment, but also better adapt to the development of innovative technologies. Phono Solar will be committed to providing customers with more reliable and cost-effective solar products to create social, economic, and ecological value for the society.

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