REC Alpha Series- the Game Changing Solar Panel with Advanced Heterojunction Technology (HJT) is now BIS Certified


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In an industry dominated by Chinese suppliers, REC Group is the largest European solar PV brand with over 500MW of installed capacity in Indian subcontinent, with a sizeable amount of that being in the rooftop market. This is owing to REC’s superior quality, performance and warranty which is backed by real data and consistently overperforming systems . With the BIS certification for the new REC Alpha Series, Indian customers have now access to a cutting-edge technological innovation in the PV industry that is already making waves across Europe, the U.S. and Australia. 


Experience the Alpha Performance


The REC Alpha Series is a game changing module as it is based on the advanced Heterojunction technology (HJT)  which combines the best of two worlds, N-type monocrystalline and thin-film solar. Thanks to a revolutionary technology and a patented panel design, the 60-cell REC Alpha Series churns an output of up to 380 Wp and a outstanding power density of 217 watts per square meter. This results in providing around 20% more power than conventional p-type Mono panels of 320 Wp with the same area. The increased power and efficiency performance are backed by REC’s industry-leading 25-years ProTrust Warranty which packs 20+51 years of product warranty, 25 years performance warranty and 25 years of labor warranty2. Finally, due to the advanced cell connections, Alpha cells are 100% lead-free.

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Quality beyond expectations

REC Group offers products with leading high quality and its own internal testing standards go well beyond the stipulated IEC test criteria. Recently, REC‘s panels have been recognized as a Top Performer in the annual DNV-GL PV Module Reliability Scorecard for fifth year in a row, reiterating REC’s commitment to quality beyond expectations. In India too, REC panels have been subject to rigorous third-party testing3 and the results from the field have proved to being consistent, with REC panels clocking an average of 0.68% degradation in 3.8 years.

 Temperature coefficient is one of the most crucial parameters for module performance, especially for a country like India with its higher and extreme ambient temperatures. The REC Alpha Series with a temperature coefficient of -0.26%/° takes this a step further and sets an industry benchmark.  

Committed to India 

REC Group has been in the Indian Subcontinent for close to 10 years and with an overall installed base of more than half a gigawatt. “With the REC Alpha Series we are setting a new benchmark in the Indian solar industry which is dominated at the moment with poly and mono crystalline technologies. The HJT is the future of the solar PV since it is a module-level innovation combining two tested technologies- thin films and N-type mono. With this, we aim to provide the very best to our dedicated and technology savvy Indian customers who are looking for a world-class product build to last for 25 years”, commented Rohit Kumar, Director, REC Group India. 

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