XLRI Appoints Boond Solar To Install Solar Plant in Delhi Campus; Appoints


The Xavier School of Management (XLRI), business management schools in India, is planning to install 1 MW solar power plant in Delhi NCR campus in Jhajjar, Haryana. 


Mr. Bhaskar Palit, Managing Director, Boond Engineering and Development Pvt Ltd, New Delhi  has announced that XLRI has appointed Boond Solar to install the plant on campus.


“XLRI, one of the most prestigious and premier institutes of India, has appointed Boond Solar to install the solar plant of approximately 1 MWp, in their Delhi NCR Campus in Jhajjar, Haryana and we are committed to meet the expectation and faith, their management has shown on us,” Quoted Bhaskar Palit.


Boond Engineering & Development Pvt. Ltd, is a private limited company founded in 2010, promoting alternative energy in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR and other Northern states of India and now expanding its base in Eastern and North Eastern states in India. Boond Solar has forayed into the international market and are presently developing projects in Bangladesh.

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