CtrlS builds World’s 1st Solar Powered Rated-4 DataCenter Building powered by Integrated Vertical Solar System from Waaree


CtrlS Datacenters Limited, Asia’s Largest Rated-4 Hyperscale Datacenter and managed services provider has deployed building integrated vertical solar PV system from WAAREE at its Mumbai datacenter facility. The system, with a capacity of about 1 MW, has been installed by integrating solar panels on all four walls of the facility, covering over 5,000 square feet of facade area. It is estimated that solar power system will help provide a CO2 emissions reduction equivalent to almost 7,000 trees per year.


Waaree BIPV modules were installed on the Rated-4 Hyperscale Datacenter built by CtrlS where Custom designed aluminium rails were used as module mounting structure. Frameless Waaree BIPV panels were deployed on the facade. Each Waaree BIPV solar panel was installed with power optimizers to increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point (MPPT) of each module individually. They have the capability to monitor the performance of each module.

Mr. Sridhar Pinnapureddy, Founder and CEO, CtrlS Datacenters Ltd said, “The combustion of fossil fuels has led to dramatic rise in carbon dioxide emissions globally, and it is my belief that as a responsible business it is prudent to embrace clean energy. We are delighted to have partnered with WAAREE to take a major step in deployment of solar energy at our Mumbai Rated-4 Hyperscale datacenter. We chose to install the solar panels on all the four sides of the building instead of roof top solar as it provides large space for absorption of sunlight. We therefore replaced the conventional glass in our data center facility, with solar panels thereby generate higher power through clean energy and thereby reducing carbon footprint. Besides, the Waaree BIPV panels act as a thermal insulation by blocking the sun and thus also reducing the power consumption of the air conditioning system, thus saving on electricity bills considerably. He further added, “We are delighted to have found a suitable partner in WAAREE, who have played a key role in supporting our innovation in deploying clean energy”

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Speaking on this achievement Dr. Hitesh Doshi, CMD Waaree Energies Ltd, said

We are happy to be part of such a innovative BIPV project and we are thankful to Ctrl S for not only giving us opportunity but implementing such great idea and making India’s first largest BIPV project. 

Waaree BIPV technology can be adapted to any building that requires a glass facade, including but not limited to skyscrapers, malls, apartments, modern homes, datacentres and many more existing Buildings, or the ones that are in design stage. The challenge of not only the space to mount Solar Panels is addressed by Waaree BIPV solutions but also the aesthetics and beauty of building is enhanced by replacing normal glass to solar panels. Waaree will continue to design and develop products to increase use of solar energy.

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