OnDemand: The Real Time Energy Markets


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There is always a need for a Proper design and execution plan for the smooth functioning of the Energy Market. The electricity market design always needs to ensure that the objectives of power market’s operation, efficiency, security and most importantly, the economics must be on the same page. India as an energy surplus country, the time has come to move towards the real-time market. The introduction of a real-time market will bring the required flexibility to provide real-time balance while ensuring optimal utilization of the available surplus capacity in the system. At the same time, it would help to mitigate challenges to the grid management due to intermittent and variable nature of renewable energy generation and therefore, help to integrate higher quantum of renewable energy resources into the grid. The real-time energy market discussion forum scheduled on June 19th at 3.30 pm onward is a part of our business master’s series which will bring together energy professionals to learn, network, collaborate, and share expertise and information digitally.


The 120 Minutes of insightful and interactive presentations will provide a unique opportunity to hear first-hand insights on RTM from experts across the energy ecosystem, who will come together to form the nexus of knowledge for India’s power market.


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