RES4Africa, New Teachers For Micro-Grid Academy

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The first training course for future teachers at RES4Africa’s Micro-Grid Academy has ended: nine teachers from Enel Green Power took part thanks to the international volunteer programme Connecting Energies.


The number of renewable energies teachers is growing. The first Training of Trainers (ToT) course for future teachers at the Micro-Grid Academy, the training programme launched by the RES4Africa Foundation, ended on 31 July. The programme, which began in 2018, aims to transfer and develop knowledge and skills in the field of renewable technologies, with a particular focus on the region of East Africa.


The course, which began on 29 June and concluded on 31 July, involved 35 hours of online training, subdivided into 16 appointments, and trained 34 young African technicians, managers and engineers.


The teachers included 30 local experts from the energy sector, from international companies and organisations. Enel Green Power played an important part. It has supported the initiative since the beginning and shared its expertise by training future teachers. Nine professionals joined the international voluntary programme Connecting Energies to share their expertise by training future teachers.

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“Aside from the quantity of investment in Africa’s development, if the continent does not have the professional skills to effectively exploit these resources, then the results can only be limited,” explains Giovanni Tula, Head of Sustainability Global Power Generation. “By training teachers at the Micro-Grid Academy, the RES4Africa Foundation is contributing to the achievement of renewable energies targets and making full use of the expert professionals from Enel Green Power.”

The collaboration between RES4Africa and our voluntary programme Connecting Energies is already under way with the RenewABLE Against COVID project. This was led by the charities Elettrici senza Frontiere and Tecnologie Solidali charities. The Micro-Grid Academy joined the initiative by providing training to help design and build renewable energy plants for 10 health centres in Kenya.

“Thanks to the first Training of Trainers, young professionals are ready to make their contribution to the transfer of knowledge and skills in renewable energies in Africa,” explains Roberto Vigotti, Secretary General of the RES4Africa Foundation. “Particular thanks must go to those at Enel Green Power who gave their own time to this project, believed in it and provided tangible support to the initiative. Once again the relationship between EGP and RES4Africa has shown that it is stronger than ever.”

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“Developing knowledge is key to enabling Africa’s socio-economic development,” underlines Marco Aresti, Manager of the Foundation’s Access2Energy unit. “Sharing the expertise of the leading company in the sector of renewables brings huge added value to the training.”

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