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ISA Issues First Corrigendum Of One Sun One World One Grid


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International Solar Alliance (ISA) recently issued the first Corrigendum of One Sun One World One Grid.

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The agency informed that the last date of submission of bids has been extended to 22nd October 2020. The presentation on the Approach & Methodology, as part of technical proposal shall be held on 29 th & 30th October 2020.

It further added that  “No further time extension is envisaged to this RFP” and informed that the bid process for this RFP will be managed by International Solar Alliance (ISA) and the contracting authority will be the State Bank of India.

The bidders will be invited for the presentation in Alphabetical order of the legal name of the lead bidder. It also added that the tentative duration of the technical presentation will be a total of 30 minutes including any queries from the evaluation committee.

For more information refer to the document below:

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The Ministry recently decided that International Solar Alliance (ISA) will be the implementing agency for carrying out all the activities of OSOWOG initiative, i.e., the bid process management and all subsequent activities. ISA will issue appropriate corrigendum to the RFP based upon pre-bid queries and invite the final bids. 

In May, The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India invited proposals from qualifying Consulting Firms for “Developing a long-term vision, implementation plan, road map and institutional framework for implementing “One Sun One World One Grid”.

The initiative is planned across three phases:  Phase I (Middle East-South Asia-SouthEast Asia (MESASEA) interconnection): Indian Grid interconnection with Middle East, South Asia and South East Asian grids to share solar and other renewable energy resources for meeting electricity needs including peak demand. For this purpose, an assessment shall be made of renewable energy potential of all countries in these regions and a study carried out so as to how they can share their renewable energy resources with each other for meeting their electricity demand including peak demand and also for rationalizing their tariffs.

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Phase II (Solar and other Renewable Energy resources rich regions’ interconnection): MESASEA grid getting interconnected with the African power pools to share solar and other renewable energy power of the countries located in solar and renewable energy rich areas.  Phase III (Global interconnection): to achieve the One Sun One World One Grid vision 

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