CERC Issues Details of Assets Submission

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Central Electricity Regulatory recently issued  details of  assets submission pertaining to Generating and Transmission Companies through CERC SAUDAMINI e-Assets Module (Beta Version).

The e-Assets module (beta version) of SAUDAMINI has been launched w.e.f. 1st December, 2020 in order to facilitate the generating and transmission companies to submit information pertaining to their generating and transmission assets.

Regulatory directed stakeholders to submit/ upload details of their assets online in accordance with Regulations/ directions of the Commission. 

For stakeholders/ users who are already registered with SAUDAMINI, can use their existing login credentials (userid and password) of eFiling module for logging in to the e-Assets module for uploading the information. Other stakeholders who are not registered, may register on SAUDAMINI portal to obtain userid and password, it added.

The current mode of submission of information on the e-Filing (project and assets masters) module of SAUDAMINI will continue for a period of three months or until further orders, in addition to the online filing of the information pertaining to generation and transmission assets on the e-Asset module.

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