MNRE Issues Clarification on the Time Extension for Scheduled Commissioning Date of RE Projects due to Covid-19


The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) had earlier extended the timeline for scheduled commissioning date of Renewable Energy (RE) projects due to disruption by Covid-19. The Ministry had clarified that delay on account of disruption of the supply chains due to spread of corona virus should be treated as Force Majeure and suitable extension of time for project should be granted developers based on production of evidences or documents. All renewable energy projects under implementation as on the date of lockdown, that is March 25, 2020, through Renewable Energy Implementing Agencies designated by the MNRE shall be given a time extension of five months from March 25, 2020 to August 24, 2020.


Requests were received by MNRE for further extension beyond 5 months on account of COVID-19. The requests have been examined in the Ministry. The MNRE on 9th February, 2021 has declared that further extension beyond 5 months can be granted by implementing agencies in exceptional cases, after due diligence and careful consideration of the specific circumstances of the case, and if allowed in terms of the provisions of the relevant contract.

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It is also emphasized that this further extension beyond 5 months will not be granted in aroutine manner. This issues in line with the approval from Hon’ble Minister (NRE & Power).


Refer to the document below:


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