Megamic Is Probably The Only Company In India With Complete Solution Of Electronic Devices And Cloud Platforms For Residential /Commercial Rooftops, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Street Lights And Microgrids


    Since 2015 , Megamic Electronics Pvt. Ltd.( Megamic) has been actively involved in Design, Development and Supply of Energy Management solutions for Renewable Energy Market. It has a portfolio of Field proven products and solutions which aid Plant owners and O&M teams to data driven access to their assets.


    Megamic’ s Solar Nxt Platform offers it’s customers an AI based Solar Plant Data Analytics platform which outputs deep insights about the generation from these assets, more so on the generation- loss contributing factors, offering actionable insights on a real time basis to improve RoI.


    Competitive Advantage:


    Megamic has inhouse R&D teams working on software as well as hardware, to offer a one-stop shop solution to it’s customers globally. Megamic is probably the only Company in India with a complete solution of Electronic devices and Cloud platforms for Residential / Commercial Rooftops, Solar Water Pumps, Solar Street Lights and Micro Grids.



    Hardware suite of products include 2 G/ 4 G LTE Data Loggers, Internet Gateways, Modbus to Wireless Convertors, String Monitoring Cards, String Monitoring Boxes, Remote Monitoring Units for Solar Rooftops, Solar Water Pumps/ Street Lights and Industrial converters.

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    Software suite of products include Centralized Monitoring Platforms with Analytics, Mobile Apps and Asset Management Platform for Solar PV systems. Major Tender compliant dashboards for Microgrids, Solar Water Pumps and Streetlights are also part of its portfolio of products.

    Ambitious Projects:

    1) Upgrading a legacy 17 MWp Ground Mount Solar Plant with Wireless String Monitoring Solution –  Close to 3750 individual String currents spread across an area of 70 acres are to be monitored wirelessly. Megamic’ s Wireless solution is a boon for legacy solar plants which do not have string monitoring infrastructure.

    2) Centralized Monitoring and Control of Five Hundred Micro Grid Solar Plants –

    All these five hundred installations are spread across remote locations with either bad or no GSM- GPRS connection. Megamic Controller’ s local storage feature and proprietary low bandwidth GSM connectivity ensures the available bandwidth is efficiently used for cloud connectivity and remote operations.

    3) Deployment of Megamic solutions for Commercial & Industrial applications across Germany and Saudi Arabia. Megamic is presently in the middle of executing remote monitoring and asset management projects abroad for International Customers.

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    Key Customers:

    Tata Power Solar, Tata Power Renewables, L&T, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Wipro, SunEdison, Refex Energy, SB Energy

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