LFIGP Takes Up the Challenge of Energy Transition


“E3D – Establishment in a sustainable development approach”, the LFIGP has always ensured in its establishment policy the development of projects focused on respect for the environment and “eco-citizen” initiatives. In pursuit of this commitment, Management is proud to announce the signing of a contract for the installation of solar panels on the Academic City sites with the company TOTAL Solar Distributed Generation Middle East.


A large-scale project, matured at length by Alexis Renouf, Head of the Operations Department, which will ultimately cover around 35% of the energy needs of the LFIGP “It is a green, profitable and educational infrastructure project that will have a significant long-term impact on the establishment and which will significantly reduce our dependence on carbon energies, promote a drop in our energy costs and position the LFIGP as a modern establishment, capable of responding to the energy challenges to which we are all confronted today ”.


The solar panels will be installed on the roof of the gymnasium of the Academic City Secondary site, on the future shades of the parking lot for staff members, but also on the roofs of the Academic City Élémentaire site. Work is expected to begin in June and extend over several months.

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To support this project and federate the support of the LFIGP community and students, many educational workshops around the themes of renewable energies will be organized. A dedicated kit, entitled “Solar Educational Initiative” will thus be made available to teachers of technology, physical sciences, biology or even mathematics and will make it possible to carry out class projects by including the establishment as a place of learning. global sustainability. Educational outings will also be offered, during the school year, to allow students to understand more concretely the issues related to renewable energies. They will thus have the privilege of visiting, for example, Shams 1, the largest solar park in the Middle East,

At the same time, the establishment, notably through its environment club (led by Florent Barras, Professor of Mathematics), will continue its “eco-citizen” awareness actions, such as sorting waste (cardboard, bottle, paper, organic) , the recycling of plastic bottles and the development of the Oud Metha and Academic City Secondary vegetable gardens. The Operations Department will continue to oversee the renovation of all of the LFIGP’s energy infrastructure to optimize the reduction of our carbon footprints and boost a sustainable and efficient culture of sustainable development.

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