ALEC Energy Announces 10.4 MWp Worth of New Solar Projects in Q1 2021


Alec Energy, a leading provider of turnkey solutions for both rooftop and ground mounted solar PV plants, has announced the successful signing of eight new solar project contracts during the first quarter, yielding an aggregated capacity of 10.4MWp.


Eight new solar projects include thermal energy storage, innovative car parks and tailor rooftop solutions across the UAE.


Commenting on the announcement, ALEC Energy General Manager, James Stewart, said “Through a combination of national policy and an increasing commitment from corporates to make the transition to clean energy, we’ve been able to provide companies with bespoke, end-to-end strategies that make complete sense in terms of cost and environmental sustainability.


Thanks to the technology used by ALEC Energy, the widespread installation of solar solutions is a win for both clients and the wider community. Once the energy is collected from sunlight, an inverter transfers the direct current to an alternating current, which is used on the project in hand.

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Thanks to the monitoring provided by smart meter technology, the power consumed is carefully measured meaning any deficit can be drawn from the grid when required, while any excess can be exported to the public utility grid said Stewart he added.

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