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    Megamic’s SolarNxt Provides Monitoring, Analytics, Diagnostics And Asset Management Capabilities To O&M Teams And Asset Owners To Improve ROI.


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    Megamic has a portfolio of field proven products and solutions designed specifically for performance monitoring, diagnostics and asset management of large scale distributed solar PV Plants. 

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    Starting from electronic devices such as string monitoring cards, data loggers, Zero Export Controllers, DG sync controllers and RS485-wireless transceivers to our cloud based platforms with data analytics, loss breakup analysis and digitalized O&M tools including determination of cleaning cycles, soiling and shading losses etc. of a solar plant, we have it all.

    SolarNxt is Megamic’s flagship product for AI based performance analytics of PV plants. The primary intent is to improve ROI by identifying struggling assets in a portfolio and pinpointing reasons for their underperformance so that corrective and preventive actions could be taken up in a timely manner. SolarNxt can be deployed for a large fleet of distributed energy resources such as Solar Street lights, Solar Water Pumps, Rooftops as well as Ground mount projects.

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    SolarNxt provides a waterfall diagram of actual and expected generation along with a complete breakup of all the losses in various buckets. Common issues such as shading losses due to seasonal changes can be easily identified by SolarNxt. It is common to have multiple Inverters in a single project, SolarNxt’s Inverter Analysis feature enables detailed comparison reports on each Inverter including heatmaps, inverter level uptime/downtime, normalized generation, efficiency etc. Another important feature of SolarNxt is its integration of PVsyst design expectations. Throughout the lifetime of the plant, its performance is gauged against the original

    PVsyst assumptions including aging factor and considering real-time irradiance and temperature.

    In a nutshell, SolarNxt provides Monitoring, Analytics, Diagnostics and Asset Management capabilities to O&M teams and asset owners to improve ROI.

    SolarNxt-AMP enables digital lifecycle management for solar PV Plants. Right from the PV plant design phase with the engineering teams, procurement activities with SCM, then the project execution phase with the projects team and then followed by the Operations & Maintenance Teams (O&M), all the documentation including engineering drawings, PVsyst design files, vendor proposals, purchase orders, invoices, warranty certificates, serial numbers of all equipments, as-built drawings, HOTO (HandOver-TakeOver exercise) documents between

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    projects and O&M teams, can be digitally managed on SolarNxt-AMP. It enables different teams

    to exchange and collaborate on various documents and drawings. It also serves as a digital repository for such important documentation. After the O&M team takes over the plant, it serves

    as a platform for them to manage the plant efficiently using its Ticketing system, Workflow, Warranty, Insurance claims management interfaces. 

    In summary, SolarNxt-AMP provides a digitalized platform for O&M teams and asset developers/owners, enabling them to efficiently build and manage a large portfolio of PV assets thereby lowering their LCOE.

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