Green Areal Lausitz (GRAL): Euromovement And ENERTRAG Sign Cooperation Agreement To Implement A CO2-Neutral Energy Concept

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The company Euromovement gains ENERTRAG as a strong partner for the planned commercial and industrial area Green Areal Lausitz (GRAL), at the former Drewitz. With the signing of the cooperation agreement between the two companies, an important foundation has been laid to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the GRAL industrial site, and to launch a flagship project for forward-looking entrepreneurial initiatives in Lusatia. The innovative Brandenburg-based company ENERTRAG has many years of experience in the production of renewable energies and the development of regenerative, hydrogen-based energy systems, which are promising for the further development of the industrial site.


Euromovement and ENERTRAG intend to implement the renewable energy concept for
the GRAL industrial and commercial site together. This includes the joint planning up to approval, the construction and operation of the renewable energy plants (RE plants), the energy supply for industry and commerce, and the creation of additional energy system options. In the process, the concept will meet the following requirements: The electricity demand for the Green Areal Lausitz shall be covered purely by electricity from RE plants. The green electricity on the site is to be used in a climate-friendly manner in other sectors, such as heat supply. The goal is to achieve the greatest possible local energy supply for the Green Areal Lausitz from renewable energy.

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Electricity which is not used on site, is to be fed into the public grid.


“The sustainable concept geared to regional energy generation and supply that we are developing together with ENERTRAG for the Green Areal Lausitz will make a significant contribution to the energy turnaround, benefiting both the companies that settle here on the site, and the neighboring communities and their residents,” said Jochem Schöppler, Managing Partner Euromovement GmbH.


“As a Brandenburg-based company, we are pleased to be here to implement a pioneering concept for a renewable energy supply, for the people and for the region at the Green Areal Lausitz, together with Euromovement,” said Dr. Gunar Hering, board member of ENERTRAG AG. “This is an opportunity to show very concretely what a green energy concept can look like on an industrial and commercial area, and what benefits it can bring for the site, tradespeople, employees and the climate.”

35 percent of the total area of approximately 209 hectares of the former airfield are planned for renewable energy production (wind energy, photovoltaics, infrastructures and heating systems based on renewable energies). Thus, the industrial park will be CO2 – neutral, sustainable and ecological.

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Green roofs and facades are obligatory for companies that want to settle at the area. In order to consistently live up to the ecological concept, Euromovement is also planning CO2-neutral production and logistics for goods, to complete the conceptual production chain, and would like to implement primarily renewable-electric freight transport. Therefore, Euromovement is planning a transhipment station (HUB) of 800 m length for freight traffic, but also for rail logistics companies settling in the area.

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