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100% Solar Power launched by Rhythm in Texas


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Rhythm Launches Electricity Plans Backed By 100% Solar Power Generated in Texas


Rhythm is a Texas-based renewable energy provider. Recently, it decided in adding 100% renewable electricity plans. The company is offering homeowners and renters in Texas to choose solar-generated power which is easy and affordable. Customers need to sign up for Rhythm’s Texas Shine plans and support solar energy production in the Lone Star State. With the help of, the carbon footprint can be decreased related to energy production and consumption.

CEO of Rhythm, P.J. Popovic, said, “We are giving customers another way to feel great about their electricity service and make a conscious choice to support clean, renewable energy here in our home state of Texas. There is no sun like the Texas sun, and choosing renewable energy powered by it is easy with Rhythm. We’re letting Texans support solar growth with none of the hassles or costs of installing solar panels on your own homes.”

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As of now, the power generated from solar sources in Texas is only 1.10%. But solar energy production is on the line for record growth. With this offer, Rhythm hopes that more Texans will see solar power as achievable and affordable.

“The future of the electric grid is lower emission and more reliability. The path to get there is more renewable resources on the grid, especially solar,” added Popovic.

Texans can avoid 3,125 pounds of CO₂ on average for every 2,000 kWh of electricity Texans use monthly if they switch to emissions-free solar energy. That is the same amount of CO₂ which is generated from burning 159 gallons of gasoline or the amount it takes for five trips from Houston to El Paso.

To produce electricity on farms, solar panels are used to capture the sun’s rays in Texas. Now the electricity produced by these solar farms enters the Texas power grid and actually takes the place where energy from other sources could have been. For every megawatt-hour of power solar generators produce, exactly one Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is created. Rhythm purchases these RECs and matches the energy use of their customers on Texas Shine plans to them. This way customers are supporting local, Texas-based solar energy generation.

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