Mai Dubai Cutback CO2 after Starting Solar Rooftop System


According to the latest sustainability report by Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE), in 2020, Mai Dubai made a significant cut in its carbon footprints which is resultant of the installation of the solar PV plant in its facilities in a period of 5 years. Mai Dubai is owned by DEWA and is a bottled water company.


Al Qudra site of Mai Dubai in 2020 had zero carbon emissions in comparison to 2019. This happened because sustainability was one of Mai Dubai’s core values which were implemented during its operations.

Initiatives such as the 18.1 MW rooftop solar system which is the world’s second-largest solar roof installation and in the Middle East, it is the largest solar-powered company. Further, this will decrease annual carbon emissions by 10,000 MTs.


Alexander van ‘t Riet, CEO, Mai Dubai, said, “Mai Dubai is proud of its latest achievement of further reducing its carbon footprint, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our strategy to employ renewable energy in our operations. The solar investments have been delivering great results and we are convinced that this is the right path for the company to continue providing high quality, innovative, and safe products as well as efficient services responsibly.”

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“Mai Dubai will continue to enhance its operations using sustainable production practices to maintain its position as a leading example in the industry and within the UAE business community,” he added.

The company produced 30,245,073 kWh of power with solar rooftop PV which is equal to 10,885 MT of CO2 emission and it saved 65,000 trees in 2020 and hence it became a net-zero consumer. The operation of the company consumed 26,054,859 kWh.

From the second year of starting its operation, Mai Dubai started calculating its carbon footprint and it followed the highest international standards. The good practices have led the company to make this possible.

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