Bolivia can Achieve 2 GW of Energy Capacity by 2030


According to a report titled, “The development of a national energy transition strategy for Bolivia (2021-2051),” by Turner & Townsend and Cornwall Insight (British consultancy), by 2030, Bolivia can achieve 2 GW of operational capacity.


As per the IRENA statistics till 2020, in the year 2019, Bolivia installed 1,036 MW of renewable energy out of which 120 MW were photovoltaic.

The report was submitted by Alok Sharma, President of COP 26 to the President of Bolivia, Luis Arce. The report evaluated the present energy conditions and suggested further ways for decarbonization.


The authors of the report, said, “Bolivia has high levels of natural resources, which can be developed to finance the energy transition or used to create energy storage. The country has the potential to export additional gas supplies if renewable capacity replaces gas-fired power plants.”


Principal Director of Turner & Townsend, Mark Wainwright, said, “The roadmap contained in the report succinctly outlined the areas to focus on to achieve these goals, and we look forward to continuing to interact to support Bolivia in advancing this strategy and show the role of the British government in supporting developing economies, as COP26 approaches.”

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