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PVD now provides results from the health checkups and performance improvement studies in a single dashboard with a card integration. Following are the key features of our dashboard


• All assets at one place. Asset level Integration
• Extensive Asset/Plant Details
• Unique diagnostics dashboard with component level health status
• Unique data backed graphical Insights, suggestion and recommendation
• API integration at highly customizable levels
• Microservices Integrations on plug and play mode
• The individual cards can be integrated with existing CMS

Below are few snapshots of the dashboard


Multiple assets can be tracked with a single dashboard. The above map view will contain all the assets tested by PVD. A list view is also available in the dashboard.


The above card approach gives a brief overview of various plant’s crucial parameters like plant data analysis, inverter analysis, module and string level degradation, thermography results, EL Imaging results, soiling, visual inspection and other BoS results from the tests PVD conducts during the site visit. Additionally, all the recommendations are provided against each concern.

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To know more about the product or view a demo, please connect us at or call us at +91 85275 31188

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