Green Investment Group’s Global Pipeline Exceeds 30 GW


Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) has reached a global development portfolio in excess of 30GW, says its 2021 progress report.


Highlights include launching Cero Generation, GIG’s specialist European solar development platform, one of Europe’s largest dedicated solar development companies.

The other key transactions and developments, which include securing rights to develop the 1.5 GW Outer Dowsing Offshore Wind Farm in the UK, and establishing partnerships to bid for offshore projects in Scotland, France and Norway, says the report.


Mark Dooley, global head of GIG, said “Instead of focusing on individual assets, our platform and partnership model enables us to amplify the impact of our investments by advancing multiple gigawatt scale portfolios with teams of technical experts, ultimately delivering transformational volume into the market.


“It’s an approach that works for established technologies like solar, as well as newer technologies such as battery storage, and it has enabled us to grow our global development pipeline to well over 30GW.”

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GIG also acquired its first utility-scale battery storage portfolio in the UK from Capbal.

This year GIG’s portfolio company Blueleaf Energy expanded into Japan, Philippines and India.

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