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TERI Identifies Strategies To Increase Share of Green Power in Supply Mix of Goa


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To identify and address the challenges faced while ensuring 24×7 reliable and affordable power supply to the people of Goa, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) recently conducted a detailed study to identify strategies for ‘Greening the Sector and Improving the Reliability of Power Supply’.


The study focused on identifying strategies for effective load management to cater to the growing demand, and strategies for increasing the share of green power within the supply mix.

It identified various strategies which can help ensure a 24×7 reliable power supply to all the consumers within the state of Goa. These strategies include:

These include:
• Deployment of smart grid technologies for peak load and outage management,
• Promotion of consumer-side demand management interventions,
• Up-gradation& augmentation of transmission and distribution networks, and
• Increasing local generation through renewable energy (RE) sources.

Commenting on the study, Mr. Narayankumar Sreekumar, Associate Director, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), said, “The importance of reliable power for a growing economy cannot be overemphasized as the economy is becoming more and more dependent on electricity for everything. This study suggests a way forward for increasing the quality and reliability of power supply and greening the power sector for the state of Goa which will be of immense value to policymakers in establishing the need for additional investments and identifying the appropriate mix of resources to meet the growing power demand of the state.”

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While accelerated adoption of energy-efficient appliances among consumers is one of the key demand-side management (DSM) measures, it is important to carry out comprehensive load research and integrated resource planning studies from time to time. It is also crucial to ensure grid modernization utilizing smart grid technologies as a fault-proof efficient distribution network for maintaining a reliable power supply among the state’s people.

On the supply side, it is important to meet the ever-growing demand for power and progressively increase the share of renewable energy (RE) in the generation mix to achieve the overall goal of environmental sustainability. There is a need for a long-term strategy for increasing the ‘green’ energy share in the supply mix based on cost-effectiveness and availability. Owing to the variable nature and spatial distribution of RE sources, the development of robust and reliable intra-state and inter-state transmission connectivity is crucial for facilitating this transition.

Thus, effective DSM implementation, well-defined power planning strategy, and ensuring adequate investments in building resilient transmission and sub-transmission systems can be considered as the building blocks in ensuring reliable electricity supply to the people of Goa.

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