Discussion On Climate Change Held In Lok Sabha Under Rule 193

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Om Birla, Speaker of Lok Sabha said that we must focus on the conservation of the environment as it is important for all of us and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also has initiated conservation on all international forums. Under Rule 193, the discussion took place on climate change.


DMK’s Kanimozhi was referring to excessive floods which took place in southern India and badly affected Chennai. She said that government should focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Prime Minister has taken several steps and took part in the Glasglow summit focused on climate change. But we need to act locally and think globally. But Modi government has failed to do so on climate change.


Trinamool Congress’ Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar said, “In India, we cannot put on a mask all the time. Some rich people use air fresheners in their rooms but poor people cannot and they are forced to inhale the polluted air. We should teach them alternate ways first.”

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“The area of Sunderban in Bengal is under constant threat as the water level in the Ganga is rising and the sea level is also rising due to the melting ice in Antarctica. We need to certainly think on the issues. We need to reduce carbon emissions, we need electric vehicles. The frequency of the cyclone has increased substantially in recent times.”

“We need to have renewable energy as Denmark has 100 percent renewable energy. Solar energy could be a substantial replacement but 80 percent of the energy in India comes from fossil fuels,” she said.

Dileswar Kamait, Janata Dal-United, said that lack of planning for the development of cities has made a huge impact on climate change and India has seen worst than any other nation. Around 69 lakh trees were cut in recent times for infrastructure projects.

MPLAD funds must be used for establishing solar panels in the villages, hospitals and government must amend laws to allow this. Various members agreed that serious actions should be taken for climate change and to reduce carbon emissions.

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