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Sungrow Supplies Bangladesh’s Largest PV Plant

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Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, signed the largest PV inverter contract, totaling 280 MW with Rays Power Infra, a leading integrated solar power company, to build the largest solar power plant in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Sungrow provides the industry-leading central inverter solution as well as the comprehensive on-site and post-sale service.

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This solar power plant is located in Sundarganj, Rangpur District, on the banks of the river Teesta. Extreme humidity is a major consideration affecting this plant’s efficient operation. Sungrow, anticipating this challenge, provided the 1500V 3.125 MW central inverter, one of the most popular central inverters around the world, which successfully supplied many significant utility-scale projects in comparable climates. The 3.125MW central inverter boasts a high IP65 standard and thus guarantees efficient and unimpaired power generation — even in the river Teesta region of 90% humidity. Besides, Sungrow’s localized service team provides high-quality service throughout the construction and commission procedure.

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Sungrow and Rays Power Infra Signed the Contract for Bangladesh’s largest PV plant

Guaranteed by Sungrow’s tailored solutions and services, this plant will deliver grid connection in April 2022 and by then will annually generate 395GWh clean electricity, offsetting around 316 thousand tons of CO2, power over 200,000 households and provide more than 1200 employment opportunities for Bangladeshis.

SP Sharma, Vice President of Rays Power Infra, expressed that: “We greatly appreciate your efficiency in providing the best products and after-sales services. We are going ahead with Sungrow for our 280 MW Bangladesh project. we acknowledge and appreciate your services and look forward to have such excellence in the future as well.”

Pawan Sharma, Director of Rays Power Infra, stated that: “We are happy to announce that we have selected Sungrow for our 280 MW Bangladesh project which is the biggest project in Bangladesh. This collaboration will definitely achieve our common goal to promote cleaner, greener, and better environmental conditions globally.”

“Sungrow now occupies about 65% market share in Bangladesh, and it also was recently rewarded the 2021 Bangladesh Solar Week Leadership Award. Sungrow has been cooperating with reliable partners like Rays Power Infra, and previous projects prove successful. This 280 MW contract further enhances the mutual partnership between the two companies, and opens the broader prospect for future cooperation”, said Mr. Sunil Badesra, International Director, Sungrow.

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On the recent COP26, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina made a commitment to having 2.3 GW of solar power by 2030. The government also targets to generate 40% of the country’s total electricity by 2050 from renewables. Alongside its roadmap to a cleaner energy mix, Sungrow is ready to offer its high-quality and comprehensive solutions with more innovative products and dedicated services, and keep seeking more opportunities in this emerging market to help realize this rapidly emerging nation’s commitment to the world.

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