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Iran Inaugurates 150 MW Capacity Silicon Solar Cell Factory

A file photo of Iran Inaugurating Silicon Solar Cell Factory

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A new silicon solar cell production factory opens up in western Iran with 150 MW capacity. The factory was inaugurated in the presence of Iran’s Minister of Energy Ali Akbar Mehrabian, and other officials. Mana Energy Pak (MEP Cell) operates the factory.

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Mehrabian said, “Today, in response to questions related to the effects of fossil energy use, including water and fuel consumption, pollution,… it can be noted that the development of renewable energy is the answer to all these questions.”

“We are committed in our support for the solar panels and the reneawbles and we are ready to offer all-out support to this industry. In the past, solar panels were produced in the country and today solar cells are produced in Khomein,” added Mehrabian.

“The solar cell production line in Khomein was put into operation today with an annual production capacity of solar panels for the generation of 150 MW of electricity, and this unit has planned to produce solar panels for the generation of 1,500 MW”, the minister further said.

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Since early 2020, the company is operating 250 MW manufacturing line for PV modules at Khomeini. Mana Energy Pak is working on 1.5 GW PV module capacity which will be completed by 2023 end. This factory will be first one in Iran and the Middle East region to generate silicon solar cells.

Iran has not met its target of generating 5% of its energy from renewable sources. The government’s Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Organization (SATBA) issued proposals to generate 10 GW from renewable sources in the next 4 years and in December it received 80 GW worth proposals.

The minister said that the country would increase its renewables capacity by more than 50% to reach 1400 MW until next summer. Startsups are helping the country in shifting towards solar energy.

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