Indonesia And Japan Collaborates For Clean Energy Transition


Indonesia and Japan to collaborate on hydrogen, carbon capture and storage (CCS), and ammonia. Both the countries will work together on decarbonization technology and for the clean energy transition.


The memorandum of cooperation (MOC) was signed by the Energy Minister of Indonesia Arifin Tasrif and the Industry Minister of Japan Koichi Hagiuda in Jakarta.

Both the countries will work for the deployment and development of technologies to contribute to realistic transitions of energy including ammonia, hydrogen as a CCS, carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS), and fuel.


Hydrogen is used in the oil refining process, whereas ammonia is used in industrial materials and fertilizers. Hydrogen and ammonia can replace higher carbon fuels as they have this potential.

Japan has been working on the displacement of natural gas with hydrogen and replacing coal with ammonia and Indonesia is working on building global supply chains for carbon-free future fuels.

“Indonesia and Japan can together develop carbon capture utilization and storage by use available natural resources in Indonesia,” Indonesia’s minister Arifin said.

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