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SPCG To Build Solar Farm Of 516 MW In Thailand


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SPCG acquires land for building renewable power units in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) with 3 billion baht. The company acquired land that covers 23 areas of the EEC zone.


Pipat Viriyatranon, SPCG’s vice-president for financial affairs said that the company plans to build a solar farm that can generate 316 MW of electricity in the first phase, and in the second phase, it will generate 200 MW.

SPCG  as a pioneer and leader in the clean energy business from solar energy In addition to reducing global warming, equivalent to reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere of the world by more than  200,000  tons  CO 2  per year from the operation of  36  solar farm projects, the company is still committed to protecting the environment. 

SPCG has 36 solar farm projects in Thailand, scattered in  10 provinces, namely Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Sakon Nakhon, Nong Khai, Udon Thani, Nakhon Phanom, Loei, Surin, Buriram, and Lop Buri, totaling more than 5,000 land plots. Rai with a total production capacity of over 260 megawatts. The first commercial power distribution was initiated in 2010 at the Solar Farm Project (Korat 1) and completed 36 commercial power distribution projects in 2014 with the ability to generate electricity. 

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384.9million units, which is 2021, the 36 solar farm projects can produce 386.9 million units of electricity, more than the company An annual target of more than 2 million units is set for 2021, demonstrating efficient management combined with the quality of solar panels and key components of the system. This allows every project to generate electricity efficiently even after more than 7 years have passed.

By visiting this solar farm project The objective is to inspect and manage the solar power generation system to be able to operate and generate electricity efficiently. including planning, inspection, and maintenance of project areas In addition to the management of the solar power generation system There has also been a policy of planting kitchen garden plants ( Papaya ) in empty areas within the project. To create benefits for employees within the project and the communities surrounding the project

In the year 2022, the company continues to manage continuously. to be able to produce electricity efficiently This year, the target is to produce electricity from 36 solar farms with a total capacity of more than 260 megawatts, not less than 388 million units, said Dr. Wandee.

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