Top Inverter Companies Of 2022 – KEHUA TECH

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Kehua is the world’s leading electronics technology expert with over 34 years of experience. The renewable energy business covers PV and ESS for residential, C&I and utility.


As early as 2017, with the insight of market development, Kehua began to implement the concept of PV + ESS for the Future. The cutting-edge technology and the quality system of nuclear products enable the business to develop rapidly.


• No.5 World storage inverter supplier-2021 IHS Markit


• Top 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects-2021 Bloomberg


The Undoubtable Dominant Role for C&I PV System

Kehua 1100V series inverter SPI125K-B, with its excellent design, high DC/AC ratio and intelligent O&M, fully meets the current market demand for lower LCOE, higher yield, grid-friendly solar inverter, it becomes the undoubtedly dominant role for C&I PV system.

Lower LCOE, higher power generation revenue

  • It perfectly matched 182/210 high-power bi-facial PV modules
  • 1.5 times DC/AC ratio
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Meeting design standards for nuclear-grade products, boasting all-round excellence

  • Strictly selected components
  • IP66 protection/IP68 protection of key components
  • C5 anti-corrosion protection

Intelligent and high-efficiency provides stability throughout the life cycle

  • Intelligent AFCI function.
  • Integrating three key features “prevention, rapid troubleshooting, data analysis”, it can reduce LCOE by 1%.

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