Ex-CEO Of Innovation Norway Anita Krohn Traaseth Takes Charge As Skyfri Chairman


Anita, a top 50 global thinker and voted one of Europe’s most inspirational women in technology, takes over as chairman of Skyfri’s board of directors. She is a leading business leader in Norway and has been a role model for women and the promotion of diversity. Her resume includes being both CEO of Innovation Norway and Hewlett-Packard Norway. Since 2019 she has been the advisor and board member of the European Innovation Council.


As CEO of Innovation Norway, she represented Norwegian companies at a high level internationally. She also helped increase government funding for innovation in Norway. Anita is well-known for being transparent and a regular contributor to both international and Norwegian media. Her global network is strong and she brings extensive knowledge to managing and governing fast-growing organizations.


Skyfri CEO Pratik Ghoshal comments:


“Skyfri Group is now one of the fastest-growing climate technology companies globally and is in a transition phase, where both the board of directors and management is strengthened to face rapid expansion. We are adding new members every week, and with a new high-profile Chair, more doors will open for us going forward.” 

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Anita will lead the board, which currently consists of three of the Skyfri founders: Petter S. Berge, Murshid M. Ali, and Pratik Ghoshal. Further additions to the board of directors will be announced later this year. In addition, Skyfri is putting together an all-star advisory board, that consists of some of the brightest and foremost within scalable technologies, governance, and renewable energy.

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