Kehua Tech’s New PV +ESS Range Of Products Becomes A Spectacular Success At Intersolar Europe 2022


The 2022 Intersolar Exhibition was a success. These three days were very exciting. Kehua shared the latest product solutions with visitors from all over the world. The elegant appearance design also attracted many visitors.


Kehua presented its new PV +ESS full-line solutions at Intersolar Europe 2022, based on its extensive project experience and market-leading position within the new energy sector.  The solution covered 8~320kW string inverters, modular energy storage system, 1000V/1500V energy storage solution, and residential ESS products, satisfying full applications including residential, C&I, and utilities, achieving clean energy consumption, neutral carbon emissions to let every family enjoy the new neutral-carbon life created by Kehua.


The main types of products on display at the show included 0-carbon Residential Solutions, Residential ESS solutions, 0-carbon C&I solutions, and All-in-one outdoor solutions.


1. 0-carbon Residential Solution


Kehua’s new version of residential solutions debuted at the show dedicated to bringing every home into a more advanced stage and into a greener and smarter era.

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SPI(8-40)K-B X2 series string inverters reserve energy storage interface, fully adapt to the ESS retrofit trend of the solar plants and make the power station design and investment more flexible. The high power density design and compact size design enable it to reduce transportation, storage, and installation costs; the exquisite aesthetic design and ultimate user experience enable it to enhance the user’s return on investment in all aspects from multiple dimensions, making it the best ROI solar inverter.

2. Residential ESS Solution

Residential ESS solutions at the show included single-phase and three-phase types such as the iStoragE series and iStoragE3 series.

Kehua tech adheres to the consistent aesthetic design, making energy management become a landscape of the family. The integrated and modular design of the iStoragE series can save 30% of the cost, and the product can save 50%~ 87.5% energy losses through Pack-level electrical and physical double isolation. Moreover, Pack-level fire isolation protection and AFCI function, 1-second RSD, and response speed 60% higher than the industry average, making this solution more safe and reliable; not only that, it has an AI weather forecasting function, which can intelligently dispatch residential energy.

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3. 0-carbon C&I Solution

Kehua displayed SPI (100-125)K-B, SPI (250-320)K-B-H, and BCS100K-B-HM for 0-carbon C&I and utility solutions. With high efficiency and power grid adaptability, clients can choose whatever they need to adopt different situations of the project.

4. All-in-one outdoor container solution

Kehua brought an All-in-one outdoor container solution for a utility application. 

An All-in-one outdoor container solution means one container includes a solar inverter, battery, and PCS. It is highly user-friendly. 

Another product is called BCS3450K-HUD/T turnkey solution. Since it is easy to install, clients can save construction costs. 

With over 34 years of experience in renewable energy, Kehua began to implement the concept of PV + ESS for the Future. For now, Kehua has received the TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects from Bloomberg and the No.5 world storage inverter supplier from IHS Markit

With the insight of full scenarios and the vision of technology and market development, Kehua will continue to devote itself to the application and R&D of clean energy, and contribute to the carbon neutrality of the world.

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