Goa To Soon Launch Solar Policy


Goa state’s Solar power policy will be developed in a month, and it will be implemented within the next two months.


On Tuesday, Ramakrishna “Sudin” Dhavalikar, Power Minister, stated that Goa doesn’t have a single power generation plant. Goa doesn’t generate electricity. It is dependent on Maharashtra, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh for its power needs. The government would create a solar policy in one month to address power shortages and then introduce it in the next two months.

He said that the government had been considering the use of solar energy for several years.


Dhavalikar also mentioned that Tamnar’s power transmission project is crucial for Goa because it will generate an additional 1,200 megawatt of power for the state.


“The Tamnar power transmission project is expected to begin after the monsoon as it is impossible to do it during the rainy seasons. Dhavalikar stated that the project will allow Goa to get 1,200 megawatts of power once it is complete.

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The state has vehemently opposed the power project and two other works. The proposed transmission lines run through the Mollem forests as well as the Bhagwan Mahavir Wilderness Sanctuary.

“The ruling of the Supreme Court regarding the Tamnar power plant will be followed by the state government.” He stated that his department would adhere to all guidelines set forth by the Supreme Court on the Tamnar project.

Dhavalikar also said that he would focus on generating solar energy to make the power department more efficient.

“We want the power department to be stronger, and that can be achieved through solar energy generation. He explained that many people don’t realize that subsidies are available from the Centre as well as the state for solar power generation.

To encourage people to switch to solar energy, special camps will be held next week according to the Minister.

“Goa will soon begin producing 100 megawatts of solar power. He revealed that he would encourage farmers to get involved in solar power projects.

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