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Uduma Mali’s Mini Solar-Powered Water Systems Improve Drinking Water Supply in Bougouni

REA and CarbonAi Sign MoU to Develop Solar Mini-Grid Projects in Rural Nigeria

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Uduma Mali, the subsidiary of French Group Odial Solutions, has been awarded a new contract to manage drinking water services in Mali. The water service provider will install 75 solar-powered improved village water systems (IVWS) in several rural areas of Bougouni in the Sikasso region.


The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is financing the project through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, RVO. The contract for 75 mini solar drinking water supply systems was signed by the managers of Uduma Mali and the representatives of the Dutch Foreign Ministry.

The project will help in the improvement of the drinking water supply for more than 45,000 people in the Bougouni cercle. Uduma Mali will ensure the supply of clean drinking water in the region for the next 15 years.

Anita Gelling, the Operations Officer at Uduma Mali, said until now the company used to run rehabilitated manual pumps. The newly introduced mini solar DWS systems will not only benefit the users from a long-term water service guarantee at every type of water point but also provide them with advanced and more convenient access to water.

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Each solar-powered water supply facility will be equipped with a community standpipe and an overhead tank, topped with solar panels that power a submersible pump. According to Uduma Mali, this type of water supply system have been installed last year in several localities in the Bougouni cercle with the financial support from Vitol Foundation.

Youssouf Sidibe, Project Officer at Uduma Mali, said the mini solar DWS system yields much higher financial contributions than a manual pump. The revenues generated from the contributions will cover the operating costs of these solar installations. Also, the share of the revenue can cover the costs of the other associated drinking water points, mainly those with manual pumps.

Uduma Mali improves access to clean drinking water in the rural and peri-urban areas of this sub-Saharan African country by taking charge of water supply equipment and managing its proper operation and maintenance. Since 2018, the company has been providing improved water services in several Malian communes in the Bougouni cercle, Yanfolila cercle and Kolondiéba cercle.

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