North Central Railways Generates 38.4 Lakh Units of Energy Using Solar Power in 1st Quarter of FY 2022-23


North Central Railways (NCR) generated 38.4 lakh units of electricity using solar energy in the first quarter of FY 2022-23.


“Net revenue saving of ₹1.56 crore has been achieved through the usage of solar power in Q1,” informed Shivam Sharma, chief public relations officer (CPRO) of NCR.


NCR’s total solar power generation capacity is 11.03 MWp. The railway has installed 120 kWp, while the remaining 10882.34 kWp capacity has been installed in NCR by two major Solar Power Developers Azure, ReNew on a PPP basis.


Station buildings, workshops and training schools are some of the most popular places rooftop solar plants were installed. NCR has achieved a reduction of carbon emissions of around 3,200 metric tons using solar power during the first three months FY 2022-23, according to Sharma.

NCR generated around 124 million units of solar electricity in the last financial year. This resulted in a net savings revenue of 5.06 crores. NCR’s solar plants were also the most productive among all zonal railways for 2021-22. This was made possible by measures such as good upkeep, careful monitoring of solar plant operations and other innovative steps under Solar Mission 2021-22.

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Pramod Kumar, NCR General Manager, stated that the organization plans to also install rooftop solar panels of 1.5 MWp in the current fiscal year.

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