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GUVNL Tenders for 500 MW/1000 MWh Standalone Battery Energy Storage Systems in Gujarat


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Request for Selection (RfS) Document for setting up of Pilot Projects of 500 MW/1000 MWh Standalone Battery Energy Storage Systems in Gujarat under Tariff-Based Global Competitive Bidding (Phase-I). The Projects will be set up under “BOO” model.

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GUVNL seeks to utilize energy storage systems, on a “On-Demand” basis, suited to the requirements of the State DISCOMs during the peak and off-peak hours. In view of the above, GUVNL hereby wishes to invite proposals for setting up of Pilot Projects of Standalone Battery EnergyStorage Systems (BESS) connected with the State Grid, for an aggregate storage capacity of 1000 MWh (500 MW x 2 hrs) with complete 2 cycles charging/discharging operation of BESS. GUVNL shall enter into a Battery Energy Storage Purchase Agreement (BESPA) with the successful Bidders selected based on this RfS, for providing Energy Storage facility to GUVNL as per the terms, conditions and provisions of the RfS and BESPA.

The total Project capacity of 500 / 1000 MWh shall be located in the vicinity of Substations of the STU network as per information mentioned in Annexure-E, in the State of Gujarat.

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A Single Stage, Two-Envelope competitive Bidding Procedure will be adopted and will proceed as detailed in this document. The respective rights of GUVNL and the Bidder/BESSD shall be governed by the RfS Documents/Agreements signed between GUVNL and the BESSD.

The BESPA shall be valid for a period of 8 years from the SCD of the Project or the date of full commissioning of the Project, whichever is later. Any extension of the BESPA period beyond the term of the BESPA shall be through mutual agreement between the BESSD and GUVNL.

Amount of INR 29,500/- including GST shall be submitted mandatorily through NEFT/ RTGS transfer in the account of GUVNL as document fees.

Rs. 15 Lakh + 18% GST for total Project capacity quoted will be the document processing fees and EMD Amount of INR 7,40,000/- per MW shall be submitted in the form of Bank Guarantee.

Bidders selected by GUVNL based on this RfS shall submit Performance Bank Guarantee(PBG) for a value @ INR 11,10,000/MW (Rupees Eleven Lakhs and Ten Thousand only/MW), prior to signing of BESPA as per terms of RfS.

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