Kehua Tech Reveals iStoragE Series of Residential ESS at Global Launch Online Event


Kehua Tech, a world-leading intelligent renewable energy solution provider, launched its latest all-in-one residential energy storage system—iStoragE series on August 11th, 2022. Composed of hybrid inverter and battery pack, iStoragE series provides users with simple, safe and smart solution in one to guarding the safety of home electricity.


As a residential product, in addition to the elegant appearance design, this product condenses Kehua’s profound technology and application experience in the energy storage industry. While ensuring the safety of residential electricity consumption for users, it can improve the rate of self-generated electricity and increase the return of investment. “We define the product in the three areas of “simple, safe, smart” for home ESS users.” Said by Frank, product director of Kehua Tech.
(1) How to define Simple:
⦁ For easy installation, each part of the energy storage system is modular in design with standardized fittings and plug-and-play connectors.
⦁ For simplified interface, it has an integrated and elegant design.
⦁ For scalable flexibility,it supports automatic on/off-grid switching of the whole system for different scenario needs.

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(2) How to define Safe:
⦁ The battery uses large multiplier LFP cells. Therefore, less battery cells and larger capacity lead to greater reliability.
⦁ The internal physical and electrical isolation of the battery module minimizes the probability of battery safety accidents, and the built-in fire module has thermal runaway protection, which can effectively prevent the spread of accidents.


(3) How to define Smart:
⦁ There is a smart management system that enables battery module monitoring and individual charge and discharge management. Through such technology, iStoragE allows old&new batteries combination and non-destructive expansion. As a result it effectively reduces the impact of the barrel effect, and increases the available battery capacity by up to 10%.
⦁ The built-in intelligent management system includes multiple working modes for intelligent home energy management. In addition, the smart weather forecasting algorithm optimizes the efficiency of solar energy utilization. This will reduce your electricity bill.

“In the face of rising electricity prices caused by the shortage of traditional energy sources such as natural gas and oil, as well as grid instability caused by the increasing proliferation of PV power generation equipment, energy storage is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to solve these issues.” Said by Jon, marketing manager of Kehua Tech.

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Therefore, a growing number of families pay attention to residential energy storage system and start to invest, hoping to maximize the utilization of PV energy by ESS, to reduce home electricity bills and meet daily needs of backup power.

Staying simple, safe and smart, Kehua iStoragE series all-in-one residential ESS will be the royal guardian of a family, providing safe and reliable power for the house, while allowing more proper use of PV energy and peak-to-valley differential, with multiple operating modes available for setting, bringing unexpected benefits to your home.

With 34 years of experience for renewable energy, Kehua began to implement the concept of PV + ESS for the Future. For now, Kehua has received the TOP 10 solar inverter brands used in term-loan financed projects from Bloomberg and No.5 world storage inverter supplier from IHS Markit. Kehua will continue to create green energy with R&D strength and devote to let the world enjoy a zero-carbon life safely.

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Kehua iStoragE Series – Residential Energy Storage System:

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