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SolarEdge Introduces A Complete DC-Optimized Smart Energy Ecosystem

SolarEdge Technologies

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SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (SolarEdge), a global leader in smart energy technology, announced today the North American launch of SolarEdge Home, a complete DC-optimized smart energy ecosystem that maximizes solar energy production, home battery backup duration and potential cost savings.

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By connecting the inverter and the battery on the DC side, the SolarEdge DC-Optimized solution generates more energy and offers more savings for the homeowner by eliminating unnecessary power conversions that are typical in other battery coupled systems. This can add up to 10 days of saved energy for every year of use*. The DC-Optimized system also enables longer backup times and reduces dependency on the grid by enabling reliable multi-day battery backup.

The smart energy ecosystem is comprised of the SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter, SolarEdge Power Optimizers, SolarEdge Home Battery, Backup Interface, Smart Energy Devices such as the SolarEdge EV Charger, Hot Water Controller, Load Controllers and Smart Switches. Through the mySolarEdge app, homeowners can control, schedule, and track their energy usage and savings, taking into account external factors such as weather events and rising utility rates.

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For installers, SolarEdge Home simplifies the installation and commissioning process. From batteries to smart energy devices, the DC-Optimized system simplifies design, reduces the need for main panel upgrades, and uses wireless plug-and-play connectivity, eliminating the need to wire communication cables between components.

The SolarEdge Home ecosystem is future-proof, enabling homeowners to add additional features and capabilities as their energy needs evolve and change.

Peter Mathews, North America General Manager of SolarEdge, said “SolarEdge Home is designed to meet homeowner needs for larger PV systems, more applications, and seamless control through a single app. For installers, SolarEdge Home helps form higher-value customer relationships while minimizing operation and installation costs.”

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