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Jentayu Sustainables Bhd Completes The Construction Of And Commissioned The Coara Marang Bi-Facial Solar Plant In Terengganu

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Jentayu Sustainables Bhd completes the construction of and commissioned the Coara Marang bi-facial solar plant in Terengganu. It claims to be the largest such facility in Malaysia.


Marang constructed the solar plant on 244.84 hectares of Penarik, Marang in January 2021. It is part of the government’s efforts in increasing the country’s use of renewable energy from 2-20% by 2025, under the Large-Scale Solar scheme.

Jentayu stated that Coara Marang’s solar plant was capable of producing 116 MWp and was built with the most advanced technology.

It is the largest plant to use bi-facial solar photovoltaic modules and single-axis tracking technology. These solar panels were also mounted on four-meter-high structures.

It said that Coara Marang could increase its radiation yield by 15% compared to other plants and reduce flood-related damages.

Datuk Beroz Nikmal Mirdin, the executive chairman of Jentayu, stated that the company faced many challenges during the development process. This included a flood in February 2022.

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He said Coara Marang’s elevated design proved to be effective, as the inverters and solar PV modules were not affected by the flood. We are proud of the Coara Marang solar power plant and our ability to deliver it. This shows that we are a leader in sustainable energy.

He said, “We look forwards to further consolidating our footprint in this industry,” he continued.

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