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SECI Tenders 1200 MW Wind-Solar Hybrid Projects Installation With Energy Storage

Coastal Karnataka To Get Around Rs. 2 Lakh Crore Investment in RE Sector

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For the establishment of 1,200 MW (1.2 GW) of wind-solar hybrid power projects (Tranche-VI) across the country, with energy storage, connected to the interstate transmission system (ISTS), the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) issued an invitation for bids. The project must be completed within 24 months after the power purchase agreement’s (PPA) start date.


The last date for proposal submissions is December 12, 2022. The day of the bid opening is December 15.

Each project should have a 50 MW minimum capacity and the maximum capacity that can be allotted to a bidder is 1,200 MW. For every 100 MW of project capacity, a required energy storage system with a minimum capacity of 100 MWh must be installed.

For projects with a capacity of 50 MW to 99 MW, the bid processing cost is Rs. 500,000 and for projects with a capacity of 100 MW or more, it is Rs. 1.5 million. Rs. 1.22 million/MW/project earnest money deposit is required of all interested bidders. The bid documents cost Rs. 29,500. 

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Before signing the PPA, the chosen developers must provide a payment of Rs. 1.83 million/MW/project as a performance bank guarantee. They must also provide a payment security deposit of Rs. 500,000/MW and a success charge of Rs. 100,000/MW.

The rated installed project capacity of any one of the two project components – solar and wind power plants – needs to be at least 33% of the contractual capacity.

In this project, solar modules stated in the Approved List of Models and Manufacturers and wind turbines listed in the Revised List of Models and Manufacturers published by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), should be used.

In no circumstances could the stated yearly capacity utilization factor (CUF) be less than 50%. Throughout the 25-year PPA’s lifetime, the developer must maintain the energy supply to achieve an annual supply of CUF that is not less than 90% and not more than 120%, of the declared CUF value.

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As of the final day of the last fiscal year, the bidder’s net worth should be at least Rs. 12.26 million/MW, internal resource generation capacity must be at least Rs. 2.22 million/MW, and in terms of profit before depreciation, interest, and taxes, the minimum yearly turnover should be at least Rs. 11.08 million/MW, of the specified capacity.

Additionally, a commitment letter from the lending institution pledging a line of credit for a minimum amount of Rs. 2.77 million/MW of the specified capacity is required from the bidder.

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