BladeRanger, Israel’s Solar-Tech Developer Purchases Assets From Raycatch

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BladeRanger, the creator of an autonomous solar panel cleaner, purchased the assets, operations, and 400,000 shares from climate technology company Raycatch Ltd., for $1.5 million.


BladeRanger will be able to expand its presence in Israel and the global renewable energy markets through this acquisition. BladeRanger will be able to offer a complete solution for solar sites and fields, increasing efficiency and profit, and significantly reducing operating costs in the energy production process.


Raycatch is responsible for the development and sales of Deep Solar, a platform for managing solar fields that automates analysis and monitoring to optimize renewable electricity generation.

BladeRanger’s technology and Raycatch’s make for a natural pairing. The transaction will help BladeRanger become a leader in renewable energy.

BladeRanger’s solar panel dry cleaning solution is not the only one on the market. CEO Oded Fruchtman believes BladeRanger is the best.

It only weighs in at 20 kilos. He said that this is a significant advantage over other technologies on the market. It’s smaller than the robots offered by competitors.

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Although it has been around for decades now, solar panel technology is gaining traction again thanks to international efforts to embrace renewable energy production methods as a response to climate change.

Every country must be energy-independent. Clean energy is the best way to do that. The sun is a natural resource that everyone can use. Fruchtman said that climate tech will be increasing in popularity and that more investments will be made into clean energy and climate technology. Already, you can see that the Biden administration has invested billions of dollars in it. They want to produce 40% clean electricity by 2035. They are investing heavily in Europe and want every rooftop to be covered with solar panels… Even parking spaces are being filled with solar panels. This is the direction that the entire market is moving in.

This means that there is a good chance that the current solar panel technology could be improved as more people use it around the globe. Fruchtman believes that solar panel dust and debris will not disappear anytime soon.

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You have to clean the solar panels in the south of Israel on a daily or weekly basis. Fruchtman stated that there is no way to stop desert erosion or sandstorms. Remember, we are in a phase of global warming, and the world gets drier, and dustier every day. The future of the solar panel cleaning industry is bright, I believe.

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