Integrated Renewable And Sustainable Communities Powers Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport With Solar Energy


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Integrated Renewable and Sustainable Communities (IRSC) has been selected to equip Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport.


According to a press release, IRSC will transform the vital facility into a cutting-edge green one. They will bring the most advanced sustainable solutions to the country for the first time.


Chairman of IRSC, Andrew Daniel, stated, “With a vision to Change Africa’s Energy Map, IRSC is to design, implement and power Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport with sustainable solar energy; introducing SulleX – the full-fledged green mobility and logistics service provider.”

IRSC will launch a 280kWp Solar PV carport with an average area of 2,000 sqm parking sheds. The 472 MWh of energy produced will ensure that the airport in the eco-friendly city is adequately fueled with renewable energy.

Susy Friedrich, Managing Director at IRSC, clarified, “Leveraging Egypt Vision 2030, IRSC is proudly pumping capital investments amounting to EGP 1 Billion over the upcoming 5 years to promote unparalleled green mobility and logistics solutions, along with matchless sustainable agriculture future.”

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IRSC has been a leader in the development of integrated renewable energy systems, environmental development, sustainable economics, green transport, and access to clean drinking water since 2011.

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