Egypt To Generate 42% Of Its Energy From Renewables By 2035 – Egypt’s Oil Minister

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Tarek El-Molla, Egypt’s oil minister, stated that Egypt is well on track to meet its goal of generating 42% of its energy from renewables by 2035. This target was set in the existing energy strategy.


El-Molla stated that “a few years ago, we sat down and put together a strategy to have 42% of our energy mix renewables by 2035” at an event. He said that technological advancements will allow us to reach 42% sooner than 2035 or even 2030.


Egypt had previously set a goal to produce 40% of its energy demand by 2030 from renewables. According to the OECD energy watchdog, the IEA, Egypt produced just 10% of renewables in 2019.

The Egyptian government is currently updating its energy strategy in order to reflect technological advancements and the emergence of lower-carbon alternatives like hydrogen in the global power mix. We’ve realized that the energy mix must include nuclear. He said that this was part of the energy mix Egypt has included in its energy mix.

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