Our Strategy Is To Be A Leading EPC Company In India As Well As To Be A High-quality & Reliable Solution Supplier In The Region: Jitendra Tiwari, Managing Director, Oneindig Technologies Pvt. Ltd


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Kindly introduce us to your company and its journey so far.


Oneindig Technologies Private Limited was incorporated on 2nd November 2016 with Headquarters in Delhi and Rajkot. The Company’s major focus has been in the solar energy sector having solar plants installed across India. The company has begun its manufacturing setup of Lithium Batteries and has set up its all-India distribution network for Solar Panels, Solar Inverters with Solar Structures and other solar products within the Oneindig brand.


With the company’s focus to grow globally and the intention of exporting Lithium Batteries, Solar Pumps, and Solar inverters, the company has formed subsidiaries in Angola and Nepal.

  • Oneindig Tech Angola Limitida–Moxico Povince,Aangola
  • Oneindig Technologies Private Limited – Kathmandu, Nepal 

What are your product offerings of Oneindig Technologies Pvt Ltd.?

After creating a strong foothold in the Indian EPC market now the company is all set to create its footprint in manufacturing solar products like PV Panels, Solar Inverters, and Energy Storage Batteries and has tied–up with the world’s most technologically advanced and leading components brands.

Within the PV panels range, Oneindig is producing Monoperc PV modules up to 545Wp, well suitable for Indian solar power projects.

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The inverter range offered by Oneindig includes Off-Grid, On-Grid, and Hybrid inverters. Off-Grid inverters are manufactured with transformer-based technology having advanced DSP technology up to 150KVA. On-Grid and Hybrid Inverters range based on transformer-less technology is all set to be launched and will be available for sale from early 2023.

Having wide experience in Solar power plants company realized an immense need for solar energy storage solutions and has launched its Lithium Batteries to fulfill the need of the hour, ultimately our goal is to help make batteries that both have higher energy density and are safer than current batteries. Lithium Batteries are offered within modules of 4.8Kwh, 5.12Kwh for residential purposes while offering cabinets of 200Kwh ESS solution for bigger requirements. India market witnessed the launch of Oneindig’s 5.12Kwh Lithium Battery launch in REI 2022 in the month of September 2022.

What is Oneindig’s strategy for the next year for the region?

Getting into the manufacturing business of Solar Inverters, PV Modules, and ESS solution is a strategic decision by Oneindig Management. 

Our strategy is to be a leading EPC company in India as well as to be a high-quality & reliable solution supplier in the region. We have witnessed the enormous acceptance of our energy storage solutions in the region since the launch of our Lithium Batteries in REI 2022 and have managed to solve numerous challenges by providing our ESS solutions in India. With our EPC services and quality products, we want to set a high quality and highly reliable products & services standard in the region.

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What is Oneindig’s Business with its subsidiary company in Moxico province, Angola?

Oneindig is working with the Angola Government officials for multi-industrial solutions for all-around Socio–economic growth. 

We wish to set up multi-industry verticals, namely Renewable Energy through solar power generation, the Automobile sector where we have years of experience and Agriculture with hi-tech which is the backbone of our agrarian country, India.

We will bring in the best-in-class technology leapfrogging all past technologies to make outputs profitable and beneficial to all the stakeholders.

To meet the above objective, we have opened discussions with various industrialists and investors with three flange approach. 

  • Market understanding and market demand assessment
  • Local government tie-ups and lesioning
  • We are providing possibilities for setting up manufacturing and localized setups. 

What is Oneindig’s Business with its subsidiary company in Kathmandu, Nepal?

Oneindig Technologies has been engaged the Nepal Government for establishing its foothold in the region by setting up a solar power plant of 5MW capacity in, Nepal. 

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With the presence and exposure in the Nepal solar market and exploring further opportunities in the region with the concerned ministry, the company recognized the opportunity of developing Energy Storage systems and commercial electric vehicles to support the transportation and energy demands of the country. We have put our engineering and R&D team to discover the possibilities and best possible solutions to offer in the region.

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